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Aleksandr Beziazykov (Schoolboy)

Aleksandr Beziazykoz

Facts about Aleksandr Beziazykov

Date of BirthNovember 30, 1997
Age26 years old
ProfessionArm Wrestler
Height6 feet and 5 inches
Relationship statusSingle
Net worth$200,000 – $300,000 (More info Below)

Arm wrestler Aleksandr Beziazykov is well-known in this field. This man is regarded as a beast in the arm-wrestling fraternity, coming in at number two in the right-hand, heavyweight division of the Unified Ratings of Professional Armwrestling.

We have included all available details about Aleksandr Beziazykov in this post. Aleksandr’s birthday, family, academic background, love life, and wealth have all been discussed. Keep reading to the end.

Early life and Family

On November 30, 1997, Aleksandr Beziazykov was born in Russia. Aleksandr is a native of Russia. He calls his mother Irina Beziazykova. Additionally, Aleksandr’s Instagram feed included her. YouTube celebrity Alex Tropoll is his brother. He maintains the ARMWRESTLING TV YouTube channel, where he and his brother Aleksandr chronicle their exploits in the realm of professional arm wrestling. Over 1.2 million people have subscribed to his channel as of this writing. Aleksandr Beziazykov had a truly wonderful childhood filled with parental love and attention. They were consistently providing Aleksandr with whatever she needs in order to pursue her goals. Simply said, Aleksandr experienced a childhood that surely contributed significantly to the advancement he is currently experiencing.

Aleksandr with his mother
Aleksandr with his mother


Aleksandr is undoubtedly a beast in the arm wrestling community and he has surely captivated the attention of many people through his arm-wrestling clips. As he has gained such a fan following, it is sure that many of his fan followers would want to know about his relationship status as well.

Reflecting on Aleksandr’s personal life, he seems to be single at the moment. He has not spoken anything about this topic on the internet until now and neither has he introduced anyone as his girlfriend until now. We searched through his social media accounts and could not find anything that may hint that he is in a relationship with anyone. So, as of now, Aleksandr is single at the moment.   

Aleksandr Beziazykov CAREER

Aleksandr began training arm wrestling at the age of 13. He started it just as something fun to compete with his brother. His brother is Alex Tropoll is a YouTube star, who is widely known for his YouTube channel ARMWRESTLNG TV. At the age of 14, Aleksandr left arm wrestling to follow his hobby of playing DOTA 2, however, he soon realized what his true passion was and returned to the sports after two years and began training to get to a competitive level. As of now, he is considered one of the top young prospects in the sport and is ranked #2 in the Unified Ratings of Professional Arm wrestling in the right-hand, heavyweight division. He is considered to be one of the main proponents of the sport in the arm wrestling boom of the late 2010s. Aleksandr won the China Open Championship in Shenzhen in the 78 kg+ junior class. He garnered much online attention in October 2020 as the subject of a much-speculated match against powerlifter and fellow YouTube personality Larry Wheels, a match which was won by Aleksandr.


The height of Alexander Beziazykov is 6 feet 5 inches. The weight of Aleksandr Beziazykov is still a mystery, though. Aleksandr has lovely Dark Brown eyes and hair that give him a very appealing appearance. Additionally, he has an athletic body type. Aleksandr’s precise physique measurements are not known, nevertheless, in full.

Aleksandr Beziazykov NET WORTH

Arm wrestler: Alexander hasn’t disclosed any financial details, including any revenue from arm wrestling. However, according to jacoblouis.com, an arm wrestler’s average annual pay is thought to be around $47,000.

Advertisers pay a certain sum for each post they make on his Instagram account, which has more than 152k followers. When looking at his 15 most recent posts, the average follower engagement rate is 9.77%. As a result, the range of his estimated average sponsorship fee is $460.5 to $767.5.

Aleksandr's estimated Instagram earning
Aleksandr’s estimated Instagram earning

Aleksandr Beziazykov’s estimated net worth is between $200,000 and $300,000 as a result of adding up his many sources of income over the years, which we previously indicated.

More Facts about Aleksandr Beziazykov

  • Aleksandr Beziazykov celebrates his birthday on November 30, 1997. Thus, Aleksandr Beziazykov is 23 years old as of May 2021.
  • Aleksandr Beziazykov’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
  • He is widely known for being an arm wrestler.
  • He is nicknamed “The SchoolBoy” in arm wrestling.
  • He is currently ranked #2 in the Unified Ratings of Professional Armwrestling in the right-hand, heavyweight division.
  • He has won many arm-wrestling tournaments and competitions.
  • He has a wide fan following on Instagram as well.

Q & A

Q: What year was Aleksandr Beziazykov born?

A: The date of Alexander Beziazykov’s birth was November 30, 1997.

Q: What is the age of Aleksandr Beziazykov?

A: The age of Aleksandr Beziazykov is [dob=”19971130″].

Q: How tall is Aleksandr Beziazykov?

A: The height of Aleksandr Beziazykov is 6 feet 5 inches.

Q: Who is the girlfriend of Aleksandr Beziazykov?

A: At the time, Aleksandr Beziazykov is single.

Q: How much money is Aleksandr Beziazykov worth?

A: The estimated wealth of Aleksandr Beziazykov is $200,000 to $300,000.


It is clear that misinformation concerning individuals like Aleksandr Beziazykov circulated everywhere. Because of their jealously and jealousy, Aleksandr detractors can fabricate stories and try to bring her down. But Aleksandr has no longer given it much thought. Aleksandr’s admirers and followers would rather that he focus on love and optimism. Aleksandr has done a great job of avoiding controversy up until this point.

Aleksandr Beziazykov’s SOCIAL MEDIA

Facebook Aleksandr Beziazykov’s FB 
Instagram Aleksandr Beziazykov’s Instagram 
Twitter Aleksandr Beziazykov’s Twitter 
YouTubeAleksandr Beziazykov’s YouTube  


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