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Allie Brooke

Allie Brooke

Facts about Allie Brooke

Date of BirthMay 11, 1999
Age25 years old
BirthplaceUnited States
Height5 feet and 4 inches
Relationship statusSingle
Net worth$500,000-$600,000 (More info Below)

The majority of women agree that “Motherhood” is the most lovely emotion in the world. What if it’s too soon, though? Will it be challenging? There is no such thing as “too soon” when you are blessed with a child of your own, according to people like Allie Brooke, who became pregnant at the age of 17. She has learned the lesson of patience, unadulterated joy, and faith and asks nothing in return but love, despite the challenges and emotional breakdowns she experienced because her boyfriend did not provide assistance during her pregnancy. Through her YouTube channel, she encourages and celebrates parenthood with other young Allies. Now, Allie, tell us more about this young mother.



YouTuber Allie Brooke was born in the United States on May 11, 1999, at the age of [dob=”19990511″]. Allie has always had a keen interest in both fashion and travel since she was a little child. As Allie grew older, she gained a great deal of notoriety and acclaim for the vlogs about being a teen mother that she posted on her channel, Allie Brooke. 

Right now, Allie has earned more than 1.02 million subscribers. Not just that, her channel has attained a total of more than 65 million views from her videos. Other than YouTube, she has lots of fan followings on her various social media platforms. Also, she has more than 179k  followers on her Instagram alone at the time of writing this article. 

Allie and her baby Cartia
Allie and her baby Cartia

Who is Allie Brooke’s baby’s father? How did she get pregnant? Is she in a relationship right now?

Allie Brooke had to experience several sides of the relationship at a very young age. At the age of 17, she got pregnant with her boyfriend at that time. So probably she has faced blooming love, rejection in pregnancy from her family, maturity, and lessons from the struggles and many more.  She has shared the video with her boyfriend back in 2018.

But given that she makes no mention of her partner, it appears as though they had broken up. She hasn’t uploaded any current photos with him on any of her social media platforms, and she hasn’t referenced his social media either. But she used to live with her boyfriend, who was also a teen father.

In March 2019, she introduced the new man of her life in one of her youtube videos. His name is Taz Frase, who worked as a waiter. Currently, both of them are working together on Allie’s Youtube channel. Taz has been really supportive of her youtube channel and helps her make awesome videos. They use to be friends and eventually turned out to be business partners. Allie has mentioned that Taz loves her daughter, Cartia as his own, and Cartia does the same but she clearly mentioned that he is just a business partner. Maybe she is not willing to share more information or maybe that’s the truth, nobody knows! 

 She describes herself as a single mother at the moment, therefore it is likely that she is not dating anyone right now. 

Allie and her baby's father
Allie and her baby’s father

What is Allie Brooke’s NET WORTH and EARNINGS??

Sponsorship: Given that Allie has more than 179k Instagram followers, sponsors are paid a set sum for each post they publish. 

The average follower engagement rate on each of Allie’s most recent 15 posts is 23.38%. As a result, the range of her estimated average sponsorship fee is $544.5 to $907.5.

Allie Instagram earnings
Allie Instagram earnings

YouTube: People can use the site to upload videos in order to make money.

The same is true for Allie Brooke, whose primary source of income is YouTube. Over time, she has seen a substantial increase in subscribers and viewers. 

Currently, she has more than 1.02 million subscribers on her channel with an average of 80,937 views daily.

Net Worth: According to socialblade.com, from her YouTube channel, Allie earns an estimated $80k – $112k in a year calculating the daily views and growth of subscribers.

Allie Brooke’s net worth is therefore projected to be between $500,000 and $600,000 after taking into account all of the above-mentioned sources of income over the years and calculating them.

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HeightAllie Brooke stands 5 feet and 4 inches tall.
WeightAt the moment, the information about her weight remains unknown.
Body TypeCurvy hour-glass shaped body figure
Body MeasurementUnfortunately, the detailed statistics regarding her body measurements remain unknown.
Allie with her baby
Allie with her baby


Father:      She sometimes reminisces her father, and post on the behalf of his memory, but she has not mentioned his identity yet.

Mother:    Her mother appears in her YouTube video time and again. However, they only talk about her pregnancy and her mother’s reaction regarding her pregnancy. There is not much detail about her mother personally.

Allie with her mom
Allie with her mom

Sibling:    She has not revealed anything about her siblings either.

Childhood:    She is very open about her life as a teenage mom but she has kept her childhood information as secrets. She has not revealed anything about her past life except things related to her pregnancy.

Education:    She has shared her video with her baby in the school but she has not revealed the name, or academic degree she is attaining or has attained.

Allie Brooke’s CAREER

On February 28, 2010, Allie Brooke launched her YouTube channel and posted her debut video, “TEEN MOM: A REAL DAY IN THE LIFE.” As a teen mother ever since, she has been posting various vlogs. 

The most watched video on her channel so far is “TEEN MOM IN SCHOOL: A DAY IN MY LIFE” out of all of her productions. As of right now, it has received over 19,184,207 views.

Over 1.02 million people are currently watching her channel’s daily growth and her video material. Additionally, she consistently uploads movies, doing so three to four times every week. 

Despite being so young, she has managed to keep herself in the public eye while avoiding rumors and problems. She hasn’t taken part in any hoaxes, which demonstrates that she is unique and values having a separate area for her personal and professional lives.

Is Allie Brooke involved in any RUMORS AND CONTROVERSY?

Some of her haters try to pull her down with false things about her. However, she doesn’t let that negativity impede her career. She manages it with positivity and composure. Moreover, she doesn’t involve herself in any such circumstances that could create a  negative reputation for her.


Q: What year was Allie Brooke born?

A: April 11th, 1999 saw the birth of Allie Brooke.

Q: What year was Allie Brooke born?

A: The age of Allie Brooke is [dob=”19990511″].

Q: How tall is Allie Brooke?

A: The height of Allie Brooke is 5 feet 4 inches.

Q: Who is the boyfriend of Allie Brooke?

A: Currently single, Allie Brooke.

Q: What is the net worth of Allie Brooke?

A: The estimated net worth of Allie Brooke is $500,000–$600,000.

 Allie Brooke’s SOCIAL MEDIA

PlatformFollowers (As of  2020)Link
FacebookNot created Allie Brooke’s FB
TwitterNot created Allie Brooke’s Twitter
Instagram179k  Allie Brooke’s Instagram
YouTube1.02 m Allie Brooke’s YouTube

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