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Anncy Twinkle

Anncy Twinkle

Facts about Anncy Twinkle

Date of BirthJanuary 29, 1998
Age26 years old
BirthplaceUnited Arab Emirates
Height5 feet and 6 inches
Relationship statusNot revealed yet
Net worth$200k – $300k (More info Below)

Anyone watching Anncy Twinkle would immediately click the subscribe button on her channel because she is such a positive and honest person. She is a very skilled cosmetics expert who gives you all the secrets and tips while keeping the lesson lighthearted and gossipy. This explains why she has gained a growing number of followers over time. Not to mention, she is so stunning that her admirers can’t help but express their jealously of her beauty. Tell us more about this beauty queen right now.

Anncy Twinkle


On January 29, 1998, Anncy Twinkle was born in the United Arab Emirates. Anncy has always been interested in and passionate about beauty and fashion, even as a little child. As she got older, she became well-known for the vacation vlogs, cosmetic advice, and product reviews that she posted on her YouTube channel, Anncy Twinkle. 

Right now, Anncy has earned more than 487k subscribers. Not just that, her channel has attained a total of more than 38 million views from her videos. Other than YouTube, she has lots of fan followings on her various social media platforms. Also, she has more than 100k  followers on her Instagram alone at the time of writing this article.

Anncy Twinkle Rich Parents

Anncy Twinkle is fortunate to have had wealthy parents who always granted her wishes, no matter how pricey they were. She hasn’t yet revealed or highlighted her parents on her social media, though. She acknowledged in one of her videos that she never has to worry about money because of her parents. They make every effort to comply with any demands she makes. However, keep in mind that she is the type of person who feels guilty using her parents’ money. She has been putting a lot of effort into building her YouTube business since she wants to make her own wealth.

Anncy Twinkle

Did Anncy Twinkle have a Plastic Surgery?

As one of the rapidly growing makeup artist on YouTube, it is obvious that there are some people who are curious to know if she had plastic surgery or not? Many people have doubted that she had her lips and cheeks done. But, in one of her videos, she said that she has not done anything to her until now. She even feels unsatisfied with her cheeks which is inherited from her mother.  The only thing she did was, she got braces when she was young as she had a misaligned front tooth.

Anncy Twinkle is Still a Virgin

Anncy Twinkle wants to remain virgin until she marries in this day and age when virginity is no longer important. She is quite open and honest with her supporters, as was already noted. As a result, she is not ashamed to refute the myth that losing one’s virginity later in life is uncool. She has acknowledged that she has only ever been in two committed relationships. She has not, however, stated whether or not she is currently dating.  

 She hasn’t yet discussed her dating life in any of her social media posts or offered any hints about it. She has never revealed anything about her private life, despite her celebrity and spotlight. She might be able to only get away from her frantic life through it. Additionally, there isn’t a single clue that can reveal anything about her romantic history. It won’t be long before she discusses the romantic portion of her life. 


Height5 feet and 6 inches
WeightAt the moment, the information about her weight remains unknown.
HairDark Brown
EyesLight Brown
Body TypeShe has a slim and curvy body physique.
Body MeasurementShe is 5 feet 6 inches tall. However, the detailed body measurement of hers is not available

Anncy Twinkle NET WORTH

Sponsorship: Given that Anncy has more than 100,000 Instagram followers, brands pay a set sum for each post they make. 

Anncy’s 15 most recent posts have an average follower engagement rate of 15.17 percent. As a result, the range of her estimated sponsorship fee is between $405 and $675.

YouTube: People can use the YouTube platform to make money by uploading videos. 

The same is true for Anncy Twinkle, whose primary source of income is YouTube. Over time, she has seen a substantial increase in subscribers and viewers. 

Currently, she has more than 487k subscribers on her channel with an average of 119,110 views daily.

Net Worth: According to socialblade.com, from her YouTube channel, she earns an estimated $10.7K – $171.5K in a year calculating the daily views and growth of subscribers. Thus, evaluating all her income streams, explained above, over the years, and calculating it, Anncy Twinkle’s net worth is estimated to be around $200k – $300k.


On February 8, 2016, Anncy Twinkle launched her YouTube channel and posted a video named “VICTORIA SECRET WAVES Hair tutorial.” Since then, she has posted a variety of trip vlogs, beauty advice, product reviews, and makeup tutorials and tricks. 

The video “I WENT TO THE WORST REVIEWED MAKEUP ARTIST IN DUBAI” is currently the most watched on her channel out of all of her other videos. As of right present, it has received more than 7.9 million views.

Her channel is currently expanding every day, and she has over 487k subscribers that watch her videos. Additionally, she consistently uploads videos, doing so once or twice per week. 


Some of her haters try to pull her down with false things about her. However, she doesn’t let that negativity impede her career. She manages it with positivity and composure. Moreover, she doesn’t involve herself in any such circumstances that could create a  negative reputation for her.

 Anncy Twinkle’s SOCIAL MEDIA

PlatformFollowers (As of August 2019)Link
FacebookNot createdHere
Twitter7k  Here
Instagram100k  Here
YouTube487k  Here


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