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Ashley Lovelace

Ashley Lovelace

Facts about Ashley Lovelace

Date of BirthNovember 7, 2002
Age21 years old
BirthplaceAbington, Pennsylvania, US
EthnicityHalf Korean and Half Hawaiian
DeathJanuary 21, 2019 (16 years old)
Height5 feet and 2 inches

Ashley Lovelace was nothing short of an angel, with beautiful eyes and a charming disposition. Not only was she beautiful, but her voice was also soothing and moving. Although her life seemed wonderful and perfect, the reality was completely different. It is really hard to imagine that a girl with such charm and optimism experienced such extreme bullying that she took her own life. Now tell us more about her and identify the killer(s) if you know them.

Ashley Lovelace


Ashley Lovelace was born in Abington, Pennsylvania, the US on November 7th, 2002. She lived there until she was 5 as she moved along with her parents to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Since she was a kid, she was always keen and interested in singing, beauty, and fashion. As she grew up, she did go in the way doing what she really loves doing. She uploaded very beautiful portraits of her and giving her soothing voice to famous songs on her Instagram.

Sadly, she was experiencing so much pain, anxiety, and mental stress because of a bully who couldn’t stand how beautiful and perfect she was. On January 21, 2019, she couldn’t take it anymore and took her own life. A beautiful, innocent and loving person is no more because of a bully who couldn’t stand her perfectness. 

Ashley Lovelace


Ashley Lovelace was fortunate to have a supportive family who went above and above to care for and appreciate her. Her mother is Korean, and her father is Hawaiian. She therefore has a Hawaiian and Korean background mixed together. She has three older brothers and one younger sister. Her mother said that she was quite grateful for the love and support she received from her fans since it made her feel happier and less depressed. The majority of her family members have already been on her social media profiles.

Ashley Lovelace

How did she die?

Her family has not disclosed any details about how she committed suicide. However, it is said that she shot herself in the head with a gun. Her funeral was held at Palm Southwest Mortuary.

Who is the alleged bully?

Before knowing who the bully was, Ashley Lovelace was already suffering from severe depression. She had cut and marks on her arms which she did to herself. To make the matter even worse, Tyler Edmonds (BarbiiDaBully), bullied her in social media extremely.

Edwards resides in Chicago, Illinois, US. He does adult amateur films, works at White Castle as a cashier and identifies himself as a transgender. He openly says that he basically loves to bully others. Matter of fact, he is proud that he was the reason behind Ashley’s death. He even said that she rests in hell and it’s just one girl who died as one has to die one day.

Not just that, he even targeted a YouTuber named Leah who said it was not okay to cyberbully. He made multiple accounts on Instagram just to troll her and put negative comments on the products of lashes she makes which she sells online. She made a video crying saying she can’t take it anymore. Just look at what he has to say after she died.



Height5 feet and 2 inches
HairDark Brown
EyesDark Brown

Ashley Lovelace’s SOCIAL MEDIA

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