Ben De Almeida

Facts about Ben De Almeida

Date of Birth September 8, 1999
Age 21 years old
Birthplace Edmonton, Canada
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Profession TikTok star
Height 5 feet and 10  inches
Relationship status Not revealed yet
Net worth Cannot be estimated (More info Below)

Ben De Almeida has earned a lot of fame, admiration, and recognition for his incredible talent and work. Below we will answer all the questions and details regarding Ben De Almeida’s age, bio, wiki, career, relationship, height and not to mention, Ben De Almeida’s net worth, salary, and earnings.


Ben De Almeida was born on, September 8, 1999. He was born in Edmonton, Canada. Thus, Ben De Almeida’s nationality is American. And, talking about his ethnicity, Ben De Almeida’s ethnicity is Caucasian. Ever since Ben was a child, he was always keen and passionate about being a comedian and acting. As Ben grew up, he became renowned and grabbed a lot of attention and admiration for his astounding work and contribution to what he was always passionate about.

At the moment, Ben is equally popular on Instagram with over 100k followers.. Also, Ben De Almeida is one of the top TikTok star among all the TikTok star we have covered until now.

Ben De Almeida

As a popular and famed individual, it is obvious that his personal life and romantic life is always in the limelight and focus. Due to his choice to keep his career in the spotlight, he has not shared any information about his partner or relationship status at the moment. 

 There is not even a single thing or information regarding his love life or his relationship status, in any of his social media. Despite all the glory and limelight, he has been a professional individual who could give separate space to his personal life away from attention. Moreover, he likes to be low-key concerning relationship and romance. It is only a matter of time before he reveals up about the romantic chapter of his life to his fans. 

Height 5 feet and 10  inches
Weight However, the information regarding his weight remains unknown.
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Hazel
Body Measurement The details regarding his body measurements remain unknown.

Father:      He shares a very close bond with his father, but the identity has not been revealed yet due to privacy concerns.

Mother:    He is very close to his mother, however, he doesn’t prefer to reveal her identity at the moment.

Sibling:    He has not revealed anything about his siblings either.

Childhood:    He grew up under the tutelage of very caring and loving parents. His parents were always supportive and considerate to his interests. In plain words, he experienced a childhood which undoubtedly has helped him to be a successful and talented person that he is today.

Education:    He has not shared much about his qualification. He has finished his college degree but the details are not available.

Ben De Almeida NET WORTH

As we all know, Ben De Almeida is a very talented and famous TikTok star. Ben has established a very sound and growing career which has definitely earned fame as well as fortune. So, it is obvious that questions such as, “What are Ben De Almeida’s net worth and salary?”, “How much does Ben De Almeida earn?” are very common.

Ben De Almeida popularity and fame have been meteoric as in such a short time he has gained a significant amount of followers and fans. That is the reason why Ben De Almeida‘s net worth cannot be estimated as his career is still fresh. Nevertheless, with the success and popularity he has earned, he will surely earn fame and fortune in the coming days.


Till this day, he has not involved himself in any undesired rumors or controversies which may ruin his career. He has managed applaudable professionalism to dodge anything which could start rumors and controversies about him. Also, he displays no interest in gaining popularity by associating in these things.

Ben De Almeida’s SOCIAL MEDIA
Platform Followers (As of August 2019) Link
Facebook Not created Here
Twitter 6k   Here
Instagram 101k Here
YouTube 17k Here


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