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Biggie Baddies Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Instagram, Bio

Biggie Baddies West possesses $500 thousand in total assets. Biggie makes her living as an unscripted television star and event planner.

She is one of the strong women in the Baddies West show that go by the name “Baddies.”


They appear in close proximity to Natalie Nunn, Gia Mayham, Out of this world Child, and other celebrities. They drive ostentatious cars and continue to live opulent lives while touring the west.The women perform and party at the trendiest clubs that the cities have to offer. By calling, she is the occasion chief.

Biggie Baddies West is a powerful event planner with a total worth of $500,000. Biggie appears in Zeus Organization Baddies West as a cast member.

Her events are the most popular in her area, with tickets ranging from $30 to $150. The new event that she organized is called “Set It Fridays,” and it is scheduled for February 17th.

Biggie traveled six hours in order to audition for the show since she needed to advance her career. Without a doubt, the work was worthwhile.

During her trial, the event planner was quite impressive and wowed everyone, including Natalie Nunn, who is currently a cast member.

She also links her website to her online entertainment, providing a preview and ticket offers for her upcoming performance. Her admirers visit her website to learn about her work.

Biggie spends the great bulk of her earnings on clothing, and she is frequently spotted wearing pricey, branded clothing.

She believes that no other attractive young woman could possibly make as much as she does. Her daily life and the ways in which she spends her well-earned money are documented on her Instagram accounts, @pvd_biggie. She is among Rhode Island’s most innovative event planners.

Her most interesting events take place in and around the Los Angeles region.

She oversees and regularly finances the events. According to the unquestionably site, an average event planner makes an average of $16.07 per hour.

Even though the state of California pays about $20.83 per hour, she could make more than that, which would undoubtedly significantly increase her wealth.

This standard payment may vary based on clients, event kinds, and hours invested in seeing a task through to completion.

Biggie received additional compensation for her involvement on the unscripted TV program Baddies West.

Tanisha and Natalie, as mentioned by a Reddit user, received $10,000 each for appearing on the main program. Sarah and Christina received $5,000 as the show creators, while other young women received $2,500. in order for her to receive compensation on par with others. Many people saw her involvement on this show, and her followers are confident that she will gain further exposure by occasionally participating in unscripted TV plays.

On Instagram, where she shines in her convincing career, she has more than 96,000 followers.

Biggie creates original content and moves posts and accounts from different brands. She can be reached on Instagram at @pvd_biggie, her client handle.

Her admirers can’t deny that she works extremely hard to promote herself and the related products because the great bulk of her postings promote her events and brand.

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