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Cassidy Zee Gorden Jacklyn Zeman Daughter Her Life Story and

Jacklyn Zeman, a well-known actress well known for playing Bobbie Spencer on the ABC serial series General Hospital, gave birth to Cassidy Zee Gorden as her first child. On September 16, 1990, in the United States of America, Cassidy Zee was born. Jacklyn and her third husband, Glenn Gorden, also had a younger sister named Lacey Rose Gorden. Cassidy Zee lives in San Francisco and is married to Cutter MacLeod.

Childhood and Family Background

The family of Cassidy Zee Gorden worked in the entertainment industry. Her mother, soap opera legend Jacklyn Zeman, has worked at General Hospital since 1977. She has been nominated for five Daytime Emmy Awards for her portrayal of Bobbie Spencer, a nurse and former sex worker who struggled with various issues throughout her life. Glenn Gorden, her father, is also an actor who has acted in a number of films and TV shows, including The Karate Kid Part II, The A-Team, and The Young and the Restless. In 1988, he wed Jacklyn; they divorced in 2007.

Who is Glenn Gorden, in connection? Meet Jacklyn Zeman’s former spouse

Lacey Rose Gorden, Cassidy Zee’s sister, was born in December 1992. In flashback scenes on General Hospital, actress Lacey Rose played a young Bobbie Spencer. She and her mother co-starred in the web series The Bay as well.

Growing up, Cassidy Zee was very close to her mother and sister. She frequently accompanied them to different events and red carpets. She and her mother shared a love of butterflies, and Cassidy once told her mother that when she was three years old, Cassidy taught her a crucial lesson about life.

Education and Career

Like her parents, Cassidy Zee Gorden chose not to work in the entertainment sector. She instead went into marketing and communications. She earned a degree in communication studies in 2012 from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. The Honest Company, Stitch Fix, and Airbnb were a few of the firms for which she later served as a marketing coordinator.

Cassidy Zee is currently Grove Collaborative’s senior manager of brand marketing. Grove Collaborative is an online store that sells sustainable and natural items for the home and body. She began working for the organization in 2019 and is in charge of brand strategy, creative execution, and content creation.

Marriage, Spouse and Personal Life

Cassidy Zee Gorden and Cutter MacLeod, whom she met through shared friends, are happily married. Before being married on September 24, 2016, they dated for a number of years. In Malibu, California, at Villa Sancti Di Bella Vista, they were married. Their family and friends, including Cassidy’s mother and sister, attended the lovely event.

Jacklyn Zeman Husband, and Daughters

On her now-private Instagram account, Cassidy Zee posted several images from her wedding day with the captions “Best day ever” and “I love you.” Additionally, her mother shared several images from the ceremony and the rehearsal dinner on her own (public) Instagram account to show her pleasure and happiness for her daughter.

After being married, Cassidy Zee and Cutter MacLeod relocated to San Francisco. They have a dog named Scout and they reside there. Together, they like to travel and discover new locations. They aid one other in pursuing their interests and careers as well.

Facts about Cassidy Zee Gorden

  • In 1990, on September 16th, Cassidy was born.
  • She is the child of Glenn Gorden and Jacklyn Zeman.
  • Lacey Rose Gorden is the sister of Gorden.
  • In 2012, she received her diploma from Loyola Marymount University.
  • She is employed with Grove Collaborative as a senior manager of brand marketing.
  • In 2016, Cassidy Zee Gorden wed Cutter MacLeod.
  • Along with her husband and dog, she resides in San Francisco.
  • She enjoys both traveling and butterflies.


Even though Cassidy Zee Gorden is less well-known than her mother, she has built a successful and happy life for herself. She is a devoted mother, sister, wife, and friend who loves the outdoors and exploring new places. She is also a gifted and motivated professional who changes the world for the better through her job.


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