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Deirdre Angela Shaw Angela Lansbury Daughter

Deirdre Angela Shaw, an American chef, businesswoman, public figure, and restaurant owner, was born on April 26, 1953, at the age of 69. As the daughter of Irish-British actress Angela Lansbury, she enjoys enormous popularity. The Laurence Olivier Award, Tony Award, Golden Globe Award, and Academy Honorary Award were all given to her mother.

In her career, Deidre’s mother was nominated for the Academy Awards three times. In 1942, Angela Lansbury started her acting career. However, unlike Angela Lansbury, her daughter chose to pursue a career in business rather than performing. Unfortunately, Deirdre Shaw’s mother passed away on October 11, 2022, so she is no longer with us.

On October 11, 2022, Deirdre Angela Shaw’s mother, Angela Lansbury, who began her career as a supporting actor, passed away.

She passed away 5 days before turning 97. She quietly exited the earth while sleeping at her Los Angeles home. She did so on October 11, 2022, at 1:30. Her children entered the news after her passing. We will inform you about Deirdre Shaw, the daughter of Angela Lansbury, in this article. Continue reading to learn how Angela Lansbury helped her children overcome their drug desire.

Deirdre Shaw with her mother Angela Lansbury

Deirdre Angela Shaw’s Biography, Drug Addiction & Education

Deirdre Angela Shaw does not have any private social media profiles on which she might enjoy sharing information about herself. We learned through our study that Deirdre Shaw was born in the 1950s at the Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital in California, where her mother was a resident. She was conceived on April 26, 1953.

She finished her education in California. She then finished her college coursework in Ireland and America. When she relocated to Conna, Cork, Ireland, in 1970, she was 17 years old. Due to Shaw’s extensive participation in drug addiction, she was compelled to relocate to Conna. Deirdre and her older brother Anthony Pullen Shaw actually developed a drug addiction.

Deirdre Angela Shaw started purchasing narcotics from Charles Manson, the murderous cult leader. Shaw’s mother made the decision to relocate from California to Ireland in order to protect her daughter from Charles Manson’s drug gang. Her mother purchased her cookbooks while she was living in Ireland. Deirdre’s passion in cooking grew as a result.

With the assistance of a skilled physician in Ireland, Deirdre and her brother Anthony received treatment with the heroin alternative methadone.

Deidre Angela Shaw wikiDeirdre Angela Shaw wiki
Angela Landsbury and husbandAngela Lansbury & Peter Shaw

Deirdre Angela Shaw’s Family

Deirdre Angela Shaw is the daughter of former actress Angela Lansbury, as we’ve already mentioned. Peter Shaw, the man Angela Lansbury wed in 1949, is her father. Deirdre’s mother was wed to Richard Cromwell from 1945 to 1946 before to her union with Peter Shaw. David Charles Shaw, a son of Angela’s marriage to Richard Cromwell, was born.

Deirdre Shaw and Anthony Pullen Shaw were born to Angela Lansbury after her marriage to Peter Shaw.

Anthony Pullen Shaw, her older biological brother, was created on January 7, 1952. Actor and director Anthony Pullen Shaw is presently in the industry. His most recent project was 2003’s “Murder, She Wrote: The Celtic Riddle” television movie.

Deidre Angela Shaw with her familyDeirdre Angela Shaw with her family

David Shaw, Deirdre Shaw’s stepbrother, was born in 1944. David Shaw is presently employed as a producer and production manager. His most recent project was “Murder She Wrote,” a 1995 film starring her mother Angela Lansbury.

On January 29, 2003, Shaw’s father, Peter Shaw, who was 84 years old, passed away after a heart attack. Peter Shaw worked as a producer and an actor.

Deidre Angela Shaw heightOld picture of Deirdre with her mother Angela Lansbury

Deirdre Angela Shaw’s Father, Mother, Brother & More

Deidre Angela Shaw in her young ageDeirdre Angela Shaw at her young age (R)

Birthday (Age & Zodiac Sign)

Sun Sign– Taurus

Birthday– 26th April 1953

Age– 69 years

Deidre Angela Shaw with her husbandDeirdre Angela Shaw with her husband Enzo Battarra

Deirdre Angela Shaw’s Marriage, Husband & Children

When Deirdre Anglea Shaw was in her 30s, she wed her spouse Enzo Battarra. Her husband has been a chef in her Los Angeles restaurant. Although he is not a painter, her husband enjoys creating a variety of paintings.

Even the portrait of Angela Shaw that he later displayed on the wall of their restaurant was created by him. Outside of the restaurant’s kitchen, Enzo employs his art. He has good taste in the arts. We assume Deirdre and her husband Enzo Battarra are not parents because they do not have any children.

Deidre Angela Shaw mother and husbandEnzo Battarra and Deirdre

Personal Life

Husband– Enzo Battarra

Boyfriend– Enzo Battarra

Marital Status– Married

Relationship Status– Married

Children– None

Deidre Angela Shaw career

Career- Chef, Businesswoman

Deirdre Angela Shaw discovered her passion in running a culinary business after being married to her husband Enzo Battarra. She opened her restaurant, Ristorante Positano, alongside her spouse. Because her spouse is Italian and is an expert in Italian cooking, they founded an Italian restaurant. Before 2005, they opened the Ristorante Positano in LA. However, it was abandoned in 2005.

Later, they opened Enzo and Angela- The Italian Restaurant as their new eatery. They’ve been operating this restaurant since December 19th, 2005. In this restaurant, Deirdre Angela Shaw serves as both the cook and the proprietor.

Additionally, their restaurant had pages on Facebook and Instagram from which they accepted online orders. The restaurant’s social media page has a ton of images of Deirdre preparing Italian cuisine.

Deidre Angela Shaw's Net Worth

Deirdre Angela Shaw’s Net Worth

Deirdre Angela Shaw is a successful businesswoman and chef, and she makes a good living at it. Her estimated net worth is $1.8 million USD, according to our estimation.

Deirdre Angela Shaw Facts/Trivia

  • 6776 people follow the Instagram account for her eatery.
  • Deirdre enjoys picking up new Italian cooking techniques.
  • On the Instagram accounts of reputable restaurants, she follows a lot of food bloggers.
  • She has a restaurant at 11701 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.
  • She enjoys making meals for her hubby as well.
  • Wikipedia honors both Deirdre’s mother and father.

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About Deirdre Angela Shaw

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