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Hunter McIntyre

Hunter McIntyre

Facts about Hunter McIntyre

Date of BirthMar 9, 1989
BirthplaceUnited States
ProfessionReality star
Height6 feet and 2 inches
Relationship statusNot revealed yet
Net worth$250,000 – $300,000. (More info Below)

Hunter McIntyre is an absolute beast of a person. His muscular body is embedded with strength, stamina, and endurance. This has been a great asset as an obstacle course racer. Ever since he was a child, people around him used to tell him that he was born to entertain other by doing incredible things. His incredible display in the Broken Skull Ranch competition earned him a lot of recognition. It became a no surprise that he became the host of the Travel+Escape Channel.

Hunter McIntyre in action
Hunter McIntyre in action

Hunter McIntyre was born on March 9, 1989, in the United States. Ever since he was a child, he was athletic and did activities which needed incredible physical strength. When he was at his college, he set a record as cross-country runner as well as a champion wrestler. He used work as a lumberjack which naturally made him physically stronger. This helped him to win the Broken Skull Ranch competition. His involvement in physically demanding things has made him a popular obstacle course racer.

Hunter McIntyre NET WORTH

Hunter is a sponsored athlete because of his popularity. Not just one, he is sponsored by three popular brands such as FITAID, Tough Mudder, and Promera Sports. Also, he has appeared in various TV shows as a host and reality TV star. However, this information is not enough to estimate his net worth as there are not many details about the number involved.  Regardless, roughly estimating, Hunter McIntyre’s net worth is anywhere between $250,000 – $300,000.


Hunter McIntyre is a handsome hunk who is confident and possess an incredible level of physical health. However, he seems to be fully focused on his career and competing in different competitions. He regularly visits the gym and trains harder to be top at his game. So, much of his time goes by training every day. That is why he has no time for a relationship.  

There is not even a single information about his love life or his partner in crime, in any of his social media. Despite the fame and limelight, he has been an amazing individual who could give a separate space to his personal and professional life. Moreover, he seems to be low-key about relationship and romance. It is only a matter of time before he opens up about the romantic chapter of his life.

Height6 feet and 2 inches
Weight195 lbs
Body MeasurementThe details regarding his body measurements remain unknown.
Body TypeHunter McIntyre has an incredible body physique. He is very athletic and possesses a great deal of strength, endurance and stamina.
Hunter McIntyre in Gym
Hunter McIntyre in Gym

Father:      Hunter Mcintyre’s father was a Harvard MBA. He became a Wall Street executive and made enough money to be able to support his family.

Hunter McIntyre's father
Hunter McIntyre’s father

Mother:    He has not revealed the identity of his mother till now.

Sibling:    He has three older brothers who are involved in respected careers such as law, medicine, and finance.

Childhood:    Ever since he was a child, he used to involve in daring and physically demanding activities. People around him used to tell him that he was born to do crazy things and entertain people. When he was at high school, he used to be a wrestler and a cross-country runner. Luckily, his parents provided him everything so that he could do what he loved.

Education:    He has not given any insight into his educational journey till now.


Till now, he has not indulged himself in any undesired rumors and controversies which could hamper his career. He has maintained applaudable professionalism to avoid anything which could spark rumors and controversies. Also, he shows no interest in getting popularity by involving in these things., However, rumors regarding his relationship appears here and there which are not significant and are unconfirmed.

Hunter McIntyre’s SOCIAL MEDIA
PlatformFollowers (As of November 2018)Link
FacebookNot createdHere
Twitter3.7k Here
Instagram41.6k      Here
YouTubeNot createdHere


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