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Quick Facts about Izzy.tube

Date of BirthMay 1, 1999
Age25 years old
ProfessionSocial Media Star
Height6 feet (1.83 m)
Relationship statusSingle
Net worth$100,000 – $200,000 (More info Below)

Izzy.tube has swept the TikTok community by storm as TikTok has swept the entire world. Izzy is one of the rising stars with a viral following, and his popularity has reached 2.7 million. Izzy has been posting videos demonstrating his originality, comedy, and personality, so don’t mistake him for just another TikTok celebrity. It makes sense why Izzy keeps making viral videos.

We have compiled all the knowledge we have about Izzy.tube in this article. Izzy.tube’s birthday, family, academic background, love interests, and wealth have all been discussed. Keep reading to the end.

What is Izzy.tube known for?

Yemeni social media star Izzy.tube is 25 years old. Izzy gained notoriety and attention for his relatable comedic shorts that he posts to his TikTok account, izzy.tube. 

Moreover, Izzy started out on TikTok just for fun and as a part of a trend, but, little did Izzy know,  that he would have more than 2.7 million people following Izzy on TikTok alone. Not just that, Izzy has extended his social reach on Instagram with more than 127K followers as of now.

Early life and Family

Yemen is where Izzy.tube was born on May 1st, 1999. Asian Americans make up Izzy’s ethnicity. Abbes, his brother, is also incredibly well-liked on TikTok.

Izzy has always been incredibly passionate about modeling. His boyhood was incredibly wonderful, and his parents showed him a lot of love and attention. They were consistently providing him with all he needs in order to pursue his goals. Simply put, he experienced a childhood that surely contributed significantly to the advancement he is currently experiencing.

He hasn’t given much information regarding his training and credentials. He has graduated from high school, although it is unclear exactly where he did his undergraduate work.


Izzy is one of the most well-known producers of comedic content on TikTok, as everyone is aware. With his amusing TikTok videos, he won the hearts of many, and given his fame, it is only natural for his followers to wonder if he likes someone in particular or if he has a girlfriend. If you belong to this group, then we can help you with your inquiries.

Izzy is clearly one of the most well-known and attractive social media stars, but does he have a crush on anyone in particular? Sadly, we don’t currently have a response to that. He has never disclosed his relationship to the public, and up till now, he has never identified any girl as his girlfriend, therefore he is probably single right now.   


Izzy.tube is 6 feet (1.83 meters) tall. He measures 68 kilograms. Izzy has lovely Dark Brown eyes and Dark Brown hair, which give her a very gorgeous appearance. Additionally, he has a muscular, athletic body. His exact body measurements and precise data are unknown.

What is Izzy.tube’s NET WORTH and EARNINGS?

TikTok sponsorship: Due to Izzy’s TikTok account’s more than 2.7 million followers, marketers get paid a certain sum for each post they make. 

The average follower engagement rate for each of Izzy’s most recent 15 posts is 1.98%. As a result, the range of estimates for his sponsorship income is between $1,620 and $2,701.

Izzy.tubes estimated TikTok earning
Izzy.tubes estimated TikTok earning

Instagram Sponsorship: Because Izzy has 127K followers on Instagram, he may also earn a respectable income through sponsorships. According to Izzy’s 15 most recent Instagram photos, his average estimated sponsorship income ranges from $385.5 to $642.5.

Izzy.tubes estimated Instagram earning
Izzy.tubes estimated Instagram earning

Izzy.tube’s net worth is therefore calculated by adding together all of the sources of income he has mentioned above over the years. This results in an estimate of $100,000 to $200,000 for his net worth.

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More Facts about Izzy.tube

  • Izzy.tube celebrates his birthday on May 1, 1999. Thus, Izzy.tube is 21 years old as of September 2020.
  • Izzy.tube zodiac sign is Tauras.
  • His real name is Ezzaddin.
  • He started to establish himself online in late 2019.
  • His TikTok videos have got over 90.3 million likes in total.
  • He also has a YouTube channel.


It is clear that a lot of false information about him and other people has circulated. Because they are envious and spiteful, his detractors can fabricate tales and try to bring him down. But he has no longer given it much thought. When he focuses on love and positivity, his admirers and followers come back to him. He has done a fantastic job of avoiding controversy up until this point.

Q & A

Q: What year was Izzy.tube born?

A: On May 1st, 1999, Izzy.tube was created.

Q: What is the age of Izzy.tube?

A: Izzy.tube is 21 years old as of September 2020.

Q: How tall is Izzy.tube?

A: Izzy.tube is 6 feet (1.83 m) tall.

Q: Who is the girlfriend of Izzy.tube?

A: Izzy.tube is currently unattached.

Q: What is the net worth of Izzy.tube?

A: The estimated worth of Izzy.tube is $100,000–$200,000.

 Izzy.tube’s SOCIAL MEDIA

Facebook Izzy.tube’s FB 
Instagram Izzy.tube’s Instagram 
TikTok Izzy.tube’s TikTok 
YouTubeIzzy.tube’s YouTube  

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