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Jessika the Prankster

Jessika the Prankster

Information about Jessika the Joker

Date of BirthAugust 4, 2003
BirthplaceUnited States
Height5 feet and 5 inches.
Relationship statusNot revealed yet
Net worth$200,000 -$300,000. (More info Below)

She makes amusing pranks feasible and just be herself, paying little thought to what others may think, when most ladies her age are busy on TikTok and other girlie things. She also plays practical jokes on her mother, many of which have gone viral. She astonishingly reached 800k subscribers in a short period of time. She isn’t afraid to look foolish in front of others in order to make them smile.



Jessika the Prankster is an American YouTuber who is 20 years old and was born in the country. Her YouTube channel, Jessikatheprankster, is where she posts pranks, challenges, reactions, comedy videos, and vlogs. She has more than 2.23 million subscribers as of right now. Additionally, her channel has had over 183 million views overall.

She has a sizable fan base on her other social media channels in addition to YouTube. Additionally, as of the time this story was being written, she had more than 1.9 million followers on Instagram alone.

Jessika the Prankster

Who is her mother?

We all know that Jessika’s prank on her mother, known online as Mama Redd, is how she first gained notoriety on social media. However, it is clear from the video that they are not linked biologically.

So, the truth is that Mama Redd has a generous heart. She adopted Jessika and gave her the best care and love possible. Despite the fact that they are not connected by blood, their bond is genuine and unadulterated. Many people look up to and are inspired by them.

“I was a foster child, and I want to set an example for kids, so that when they feel as though they can’t do something, they can look at me and say, “She was a foster child, so if she can do it, I can do it,”” said Jes.



Father:      She has not mentioned the identity of her father in any of her social media till now.

Sibling:    She has not revealed anything about her siblings either.

Childhood:    She is spending her childhood in the best possible way. She is getting a lot of support and attention to fulfill her needs. In simple words, she is living a childhood that will surely lead her to success as a talented and independent woman.

Education:    Given her age, it is obvious that she is still in her high school days. However, she has not mentioned where she studies at the moment.

Does Jessika the Prankster have a BOYFRIEND?

2018 has seen a dramatic climb for Jessica. Many of her fans are interested to find out if she is dating someone. She currently has no boyfriend, which is the answer. She is currently putting romantic relationships on hold and simply living her life.  

She is too young to fully comprehend what being in a relationship means given her age. But because of her talent and looks, she has captured the hearts of many lads her age. She will eventually be in a relationship, it’s only a question of time.

Jessika the Prankster NET WORTH

Sponsorship: Due to her Instagram account’s more than 771k followers, advertisers are required to pay a set sum for each post they make. When looking at her most recent 15 posts, the average follower engagement rate is 6.86%. As a result, the range of her estimated average sponsorship fee is $3,783 to $6,305.

Jessika's Instagram earnings
Jessika’s Instagram earnings

YouTube: YouTube has been a platform where people can work by connecting with viewers and getting paid for the ads viewers watch in the process of watching their videos. So is the case for Jessika the Prankster, as most of her earnings and incomes come from YouTube. The subscribers and viewers count of her has risen significantly over the years. Currently, she has more than 843k subscribers on her channel with an average of 347,056 views daily.

According to socialblade.com, from her YouTube channel, she earns an estimated $31.2K – $499.8K in a year calculating the daily views and growth of subscribers.

Jessikatheprankster's YouTube earnings
Jessikatheprankster’s YouTube earnings

Jessika the Prankster’s estimated net worth ranges from $200,000 to $300,000 after accounting for all of her sources of income over the years as shown above. Given that she amassed all of this fame and wealth in a matter of eight months or so, her net worth is increasing quickly.


HeightShe stands at a height of 5 feet and 5 inches.
WeightAt the moment, the information about his weight remains unknown.
EyesLight Brown
Body TypeLean and fit
Body MeasurementThere is no information about her body measurements.

Jessika the Prankster’s CAREER AND AWARDS

On June 6, 2017, Jessika the Prankster launched her YouTube account and posted her first video, “IM GAY PRANK ON MOM?!! (MUST WATCH).” She has been posting numerous challenges, pranks, comedy videos, and vlogs ever since.

The most watched video on her channel to date is “Hiding my moms cigarettes gone wrong? (MUST WATCH)” out of all of her productions. As of right moment, it has received over 4.4 million views.

Her channel is currently expanding every day, and over 843k people watch the videos she uploads. Additionally, she consistently uploads videos, doing so once or twice per week.


She hasn’t yet participated in any unfavorable rumors or controversies that could harm her career. She has avoided anything that can cause rumors and controversies with admirable expertise. She also doesn’t appear interested in participating in these activities to get popularity.

Jessika the Prankster’s SOCIAL MEDIA

PlatformFollowers (As of January 2020)Link
Facebook500k    FB Here
TwitterNot createdTwitter Here
Instagram1.9 million    Instagram Here
YouTube2.23 million  YouTube Here


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