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Kandyse McClure And Her Husband Ian Cylenz Lee Are Supportive Of Each Others Careers

Ian Cylenz Lee, the spouse of Kandyse McClure, is a musician and performer. Ian Cylenz currently serves as BlakGold Creation’s chief.

Kandyse has joined the cast of Virgin Waterway Season 5. With another task, the entertainer has won numerous hearts with her exhibition in Affection Ensured, Battlestar Galactica, and V-Wars.


She did a really amazing performance in Adoration, Ensured as Arianna Silvers, the woman who almost married Nick. However, Silver dumps Nick for a different guy and doesn’t explain why before cutting all ties with him.

Even while everyone can watch her romantic life on film, some of her admirers are curious about her real life, especially in relation to her relationship with cherish. Although she is expected to get married, there are no gifts for her partner.

Ian And Kandyse Have Been Dating Starting in 2012, while on vacation in South Africa, Kandyse McClure Ian Cylenz Lee began to participate in December 2012. Ian joined Blakgold Creation as a chief sometime around 2014. A few people became aware that Kandyse McClure was married after she brought it up in a 2016 encounter with News24. About that time, she went back to South Africa to finish up another work. She informed the news source that she and her partner were tired of looking for results in Europe and that in order for people to recognize their enormous gifts in their nation, they needed to embrace their South African culture and share it with the rest of the globe.

The performer went on to say that because of her busy schedule, the pair chose not to have children. Regardless, she conveyed that she was content with their union. The two were sporadically and deftly linked to one other’s lives until 2018. Either way, a lot has changed in a long time.

The couple’s previous photo has disappeared from their social media account.

It’s like @kandysemcclure is from an other planet!There is no one on Earth as extraordinarily gifted and gorgeous as she is! REALLY! snapchat.com/AkKrPWBlR6

— January 18, 2023, Rabid Archangel (@RabidArchangel)

All of their pictures have disappeared from that specific file. Regardless, the performer has not publicly said anything regarding the split, but there are indications that it may exist.

The Performer Is Ian Cylenz Lee McClure, Kandyse Ian Cylenz Lee participated while on vacation in South Africa in December 2012. Ian joined Blakgold Creation as a chief sometime around 2014.He worked at Gsus Ventures as a tasks director prior to that. He studied natural plan at OCAD college, therefore his academic background and career are completely different.In addition, he is a maker and musician who attended the 2015 MusicTT Distributing Camp. In 2018, he oversaw the production of the Gimme Sumthin music video. For the endeavor, he had collaborated with his friend, Kandyse.

The artist rarely appears during the day, and oddly enough, there are no images of him on his Instagram handle. Furthermore, the insights into his current work should be made available online.

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