Facts about  Kingani

Date of Birth Jan 6, 1996
Age 24
Birthplace Turkey
Zodiac Capricorn
Nationality Turkish
Ethnicity Turks
Profession YouTuber
Height 5 feet
Relationship status Not revealed yet
Net worth $100,000-$200,000 (More info Below)

Kingani is a famous YouTuber who posts humorous contents on her YouTube channel, Kingani. She got noticed in a very short period of time. Her cuteness and comedic nature is loved by everyone. Within 2 years of opening a youtube channel, she has amassed more than 390,000 subscribers. Hence, with the passage of time, there is more possibility for her channel to grow.


Kingani was born on Jan 6, 1996, in Turkey. Kingani’s real name is Ani Tilki, and she was raised in the United States. She is best known for her comedic videos, where she often posts reaction videos with her friends. Within a short period of time, she has maintained a strong fan base.


Net worth: According to, her estimated YouTube earning is $16.2K – $258.5K, with average daily views of 179,54. She has collected  26,529,225 views within 2 years of origin of her YouTUbe channel, kingani. She joined YouTube on January 17, 2016. However, Ani has more possibility of growing her YouTube family with the passage of time. Thus, overviewing all her income streams, it can be said that Kingani has a Net Worth of anywhere between $100,000-$200,000.


 Kingani posts cartoonish videos on her Youtube channel. You don’t see her face often on her YouTube channel. She posts very little pictures of hers on her Instagram as well. It looks like she is very introvert about her personal life. She doesn’t like to share about herself and her boyfriend. However, it just a matter of time, until she reveals her boyfriend’s name and identity.

Height 5 feet
Weight However, the information regarding his weight remains unknown.
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Body Measurement She is chubby and short in appearance. Regardless of her short height, she is admired for her overloaded cuteness and comedic content.
Body Type Her body is short height and chubby. She is very cute and charismatic. This personality has helped her to garner a lot of fan followings in a short period of time.
Kingani's Photo Courtesy
Kingani’s Photo Courtesy

Father:      Looking at her social media profile, she doesn’t post much about herself and her family.  It seems like she is very introvert about her personal life. Hence, she has not posted anything about her father.

Mother:    Likewise, she has not posted anything about her mother. Her mother’s name is yet to be revealed.

Sibling:    She has a younger brother. She once posted her brothers, and grandmothers picture on her Instagram. However, his name is yet to be revealed.

Childhood:    Going through her profile, it looks like she had a wonderful time during her childhood. She was very loved and cared for by her parents, whereas they left no chance to fulfill her needs. Her grandmother was like her godmother, who cared for and raised her affectionately.

Education:    She seems to be well-educated and qualified. However, she has not revealed anything about her personal life. She wants to keep lowkey about her family, and qualification.

Baby Ani with her Baby Brother and Grandmother
Baby Ani with her Baby Brother and Grandmother

Kingani’s career as a YouTuber started when she jokingly said that she wanted to grow her channel up to 100k subscribers in order to become partnered on DIscord. Just like that, her channel grew up to 390,000 subscribers within 2 years. She is the rising Youtuber who has a great possibility of getting more popularity within time.

She has not won any awards till now. But, the progress she is making in her career will surely land her some big awards in coming days.


Till now, she has not indulged herself in any undesired rumors and controversies which could hamper her career. She has maintained applaudable professionalism to avoid anything which could spark rumors and controversies. Also, she shows no interest in getting popularity by involving in these things.

Platform Followers (As of November 2018) Link
Facebook Not Created Here
Twitter 40k  Here
Instagram 23k   Here
YouTube 390k   Here


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