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Luca Schaefer-Charlton (mostly luca) – Age, Bio, Height

Luca Schaefer-Charlton

Quick Facts about Luca Schaefer-Charlton

Date of BirthFebruary 26, 2004
Age20 years old
BirthplaceVancouver, Canada
ProfessionSocial Media Star
Height5 feet 7 inches (1.7 m)
Relationship statusSingle
Net worth$300,000 - $400,000 (More info Below)

The world has been swept up in TikTok, and Luca Schaefer-Charlton has swept up the TikTok world. Luca is one of the rising stars with a viral following, and his popularity has reached 4.8 million. Don’t mistake Luca for another TikTok celebrity; he has been releasing videos that highlight his originality, wit, and charisma. It makes sense why Luca keeps making popular videos one after the other.

We have included every bit of knowledge we have about Luca Schaefer-Charlton in this post. We have talked about Luca Schaefer-Charlton’s birthday, family, academic background, love life, and wealth. Keep reading to the end.

What is Luca Schaefer-Charlton known for?

Canadian social media star Luca Schaefer-Charlton is 20 years old. Due to his dance videos, lip syncs to popular songs, and voice-overs that he uploads to his TikTok account, mostlyluca, Luca gained popularity and attention. He also unveiled the “Cubic Run” video game app.

Moreover, Luca started out on TikTok just for fun and as a part of a trend, but, little did Luca know,  that he would have more than 4.8 million people following Luca on TikTok alone. Not just that, Luca has extended his social reach on Instagram with more than 1.2 million followers as of now.

Early life and Family

On February 26, 2004, Luca Schaefer-Charlton was born in Vancouver, Canada. Luca is of European descent. Martin and Tordes are his parents’ names. He has a sister named Riel as well.

Luca has had a deep love for soccer since he was a young boy. The boyhood of Luca Schaefer-Charlton was wonderful, filled with parental love and care. They were consistently providing Luca with all he needs in order to accomplish his goals. Simply put, Luca had a childhood that undoubtedly played a crucial part in helping him make the development he is currently making.

It is clear from Luca Schaefer-Charlton’s age that he is still in high school. Luca hasn’t specified his current place of study, though.


Luca Schaefer-Charlton has amassed a great deal of notoriety and popularity throughout the years, as we are all aware. Therefore, it should go without saying that Luca’s fans would be interested in learning about his relationships and love life. Unfortunately, Luca Schaefer-Charlton has kept his private life private from the public. To uncover a clue, we combed the internet and Luca’s social media accounts. But gosh, has Luca done a good job of keeping his private life a mystery. The information that only Luca can share with his followers in the coming days. Perhaps Luca wants to concentrate on his work right now. Therefore, the response to the query is still kept a secret. Until Luca feels comfortable discussing his personal life, we can wait or make assumptions.


Luca Schaefer-Charlton is 1.7 meters (5 feet 7 inches) tall. The specifics of Luca Schaefer-Charlton’s weight are yet undisclosed. Luca exudes charm because to his gorgeous blue eyes and dark brown hair. Additionally, he has an athletic body build. The precise numbers revealing Luca’s bodily proportions are unknown, though.

What is Luca Schaefer-Charlton’s NET WORTH and EARNINGS?

TikTok sponsorship: Due to Luca’s TikTok account’s more than 4.8 million followers, advertisers pay a set sum for each post they make. 

The average follower engagement rate for each of Luca’s most recent 15 posts is 18.37%. As a result, the range of his estimated annual sponsorship income is $2.76k to $4.15k.

Luca's estimated TikTok earning
Luca’s estimated TikTok earning

Instagram Sponsorship: Given that Luca has 1.2 million followers on Instagram, he may possibly earn a respectable income from sponsorships. According to Luca’s 15 most recent Instagram photos, his average estimated sponsorship income ranges from $2,412.75 to $4,021.25.

Luca's estimated Instagram earning
Luca’s estimated Instagram earning

Luca Schaefer-Charlton’s net worth is therefore calculated by adding up all of the sources of income he has mentioned above over the years. This results in an estimate of $300,000 to $400,000 for his net worth.

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More Facts about Luca Schaefer-Charlton

  • Luca Schaefer-Charlton celebrates his birthday on February 26, 2004. Thus, Luca Schaefer-Charlton is 17 years old as of May 2021.
  • Luca Schaefer-Charlton’s zodiac sign is Pisces.
  • He is popular for his lip-sync and dance videos.
  • He has a massive fan following on Instagram as well.
  • Growing up, he played soccer.
  • He became a featured performer on the Boys of Summer 2020 tour.
  • In 2020, he launched a video game app called Cubic Run.


It is clear that misinformation regarding individuals like Luca Schaefer-Charlton circulated around. Haters of Luca can fabricate tales and try to bring him down out of envy and jealousy. But Luca has no longer given it much thought. Luca should focus more on spreading love and positivity, as shown by his admirers and supporters. Luca has done a great job of avoiding controversy up until this point.

Q & A

Q: What year was Luca Schaefer-Charlton born?

A: On February 26, 2004, Luca Schaefer-Charlton was conceived.

Q: What is the age of Luca Schaefer-Charlton?

A: Luca Schaefer-Charlton is 17 years old as of March 2021.

Q: How tall is Luca Schaefer-Charlton?

A: The height of Luca Schaefer-Charlton is 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters).

Q: Who is the girlfriend of Luca Schaefer-Charlton?

A: Luca Schaefer-Charlton is currently single.

Q: What is the wealth of Luca Schaefer-Charlton?

A: The estimated wealth of Luca Schaefer-Charlton is $300,000 to $400,000.

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