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Nick Akerman

Nick Akerman

Facts about Nick Akerman

Date of BirthNot revealed till now
BirthplaceUnited States of America
Height5 feet and 11 inches
Relationship statusNot revealed yet
Net worth$10 million – $15 million (More info Below)

Nick Akerman is a nationally acclaimed lawyer who has made a name for himself by representing clients in sensitive civil and criminal matters. Also, he has made brilliant investigations on high-profile government officials. His staggering 40 years experience on legal practices has made him one of the most sought lawyers in the United States.


Nick Akerman started out as a federal prosecutor and the member of the Watergate prosecution team. After more than four decades in the field of law, he is currently an expert on the criminal as well as civil applications. He became best-known as the assistant lawyer for the Watergate prosecution team.


Father:      He has not revealed the identity of his father till now.

Mother:    He has not revealed the identity of his mother till now.

Sibling:    He has not mentioned anything about his siblings as well.

Childhood:    Nick Akerman has been studious since a very young age. He was fascinated by law and justice, and always wanted to be a lawyer. His parents were always supportive and caring about his needs and aims by providing a top-notch education. His hard work and parent’s support has made him a successful person that he is today.

Education:    Nick Akerman enrolled in the University of Massachusetts and graduated magna cum laude in B.A. After that, he was able to enroll in the prestigious Harvard Law School. He graduated cum laude in 1972.


After his graduation, Nick started his career as a federal prosecutor. At the same time, he was a member of the Watergate prosecution team. After that, he served as an Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York. During his time there, he prosecuted many white-collar criminal matters, such as bank frauds, stock frauds, financial frauds, and tax evasion.

Moreover, he worked as Assistant Special Watergate Prosecutor under Archibald Cox and Leon Jaworski while he was at the Watergate Special Prosecution Force.

At the moment, he is an expert on the criminal as well as civil applications. Not only that, but he also has expertise in Computer Fraud and Abuse. Due to his popularity, he regularly appears on MSNBC giving his views and opinions on topical national issues which are often sensitive in nature.

In his long and illustrious career, he has been listed in Best Lawyers in America. He received special commendations for his outstanding achievements in the legal field in 1979 and 1981.

Nick Akerman in MSNBC
Nick Akerman in MSNBC
Nick Akerman NET WORTH

Nick Akerman is one of the top-level lawyers in the US. Also, his career is filled with opportunities and contributions in top-level law enforcement institutions. According to money.usnews.com, the median salary of a lawyer is $118,160 in 2016. And, the top level lawyers were paid more than $208,000 or more in a year. Thus, evaluating his earnings over the years, Nick Akerman’s net worth is estimated to be anywhere between $10 million and $15 million.


Nick Akerman is a lawyer who has gained popularity only through his outstanding works. From the beginning of his career, he has only showcased his work, not his personal life. As a lawyer, he has a strict working ethics and professionalism. This professionalism has let him keep his personal life only up to him. Despite getting such exposure, he has not spoken anything about his wife and children till now.  

At the moment, he is living a happy and prosperous life with a fantastic career. He has a reserved personality, so he has kept his romantic life low profile and out of public attention., Nick Akerman’s wife and personal life, may always be a secret.

Height5 feet and 11 inches
WeightHowever, the information regarding his weight remains unknown.

Till now, he has not indulged himself in any undesired rumors and controversies which could hamper his career. He has maintained applaudable professionalism to avoid anything which could spark rumors and controversies. Also, he shows no interest in getting popularity by involving in these things.

Nick Akerman’s SOCIAL MEDIA
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