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Princess Qajar Gender

Princess Qajar was a Persian princess from the Qajar dynasty in Tehran, Persia. Her real name was Zahra Khanom Tadj es-Saltaneh, and she was born in 1883 and passed away on January 25, 1936. She is renowned for being the most stunning woman of the 19th century and for rejecting 13 suitors, who all committed suicide.

About Princess Qajar

In addition to her beauty, Qajar is renowned for her writing, poetry, and work as a feminist, all of which are topics we will cover in more detail in this essay.

Princess Qajar Biography, Wikipedia (Birth Date & Early Life)

Princess Qajar in her childhoodPrincess Qajar in her childhood

King Naser al-din Shah and Queen Turanese-Saltanesh welcomed Zahra Khanom Tadj es-Saltaneh into the world in Tehran, Persia, sometime around 1883. When Zahra passed away on January 25, 1936, she was 53 years old. It is difficult to ascertain what her zodiac sign was because her birth date is not listed in any records.

Princess Qajar enjoying some me timePrincess Qajar enjoying some me-time

We learned that Qajar had a total of 12 siblings from what is recorded in history books, however the specifics are not that important. She was a feminist ruler who practiced Islam and belonged to the region’s top caste.

Princess Qajar’s Royal Family (Father Name & Mother Name)

Princess Qajar with her fatherPrincess Qajar with her father

King Naser al-din Shah, who ruled Iran’s Qajar region from 1848 until his death in 1896, had a daughter named Zahra. He had the third-longest reign of any Iranian monarch. The first Persian monarch to travel on official business to Europe was King Naser al-din Shah.

Princess Qajar with her familyPrincess Qajar with her family

One of King Naser’s 85 wives, Iranian Queen Turan es-Saltaneh, was the mother of Qajar. The brother of Princess Qajar, who succeeded King Naser after the latter’s murder, followed in the footsteps of their father and ascended to the throne of Persia. As previously stated, Zahra has 12 siblings.

Mozaffar ad-Din Shah Qajar (courtesy Wikipedia)Mozaffar ad-Din Shah Qajar (courtesy Wikipedia)

The son of King Naser, Mozaffar Qajar, succeeded his father as the fifth shah and ruled from 1896 until 1907. Princess Qajar was skeptical of Mozaffar’s rule because, like his father, he was a conservative monarch, as we will examine in more detail in this article. Another accomplishment attributed to Mozaffar is the 1906 Persian Constitution.

Princess Qajar’s Siblings (Brothers & Sisters Name)

A picture of Princess Qajar with her father King Naser Al-din Shah and her siblingsA picture of Princess Qajar with her father King Naser Al-din Shah and her siblings
Prince Soltan Mahmoud Mirza.Princess Afsar od-Dowleh.
Prince Soltan Moin ed-Din Mirza.Princess Fakhr ol-Moluk.
Prince Soltan Massoud Mirza Zell os-Soltan.Princess Esmat od-Dowleh.
Prince Mohammad-Qassem Mirza.Princess Zi’a os-Saltaneh.
Prince Soltan Hossein Mirza Jalal od-Dowleh.Princess Fakhr od-Dowleh.
Prince Mozaffar ed-Din Mirza (successor).Princess Forugh od-Dowleh.
Prince Kamran Mirza Nayeb os-Saltaneh.Princess Eftekhar os-Saltaneh.
Prince Nosrat ed-Din Mirza Salar os-Saltaneh.Princess Farah os-Saltaneh.
Prince Mohammad-Reza Mirza Rokn os-Saltaneh.Princess Tadj os-Saltaneh (self).
Prince Hossein-Ali Mirza Yamin od-Dowleh.Princess Ezz os-Saltaneh.
Prince Ahmad Mirza Azd os-Saltaneh.Princess Sharafsaltaneh.

Princess Qajar Wiki / BIO

Princess Qajar enjoying the view Princess Qajar’s Wiki
Full NameZahra Khanom Tadj es-Saltaneh.
NicknamePrincess Qajar.
Age (at the time of Death) 53 years old.
Date of Birth1883.
Date of Death25 January 1936.
Place of BirthTehran, Persia.
EducationBachelors in English.
External LinksWikipedia: Zahra Khanom Tadj es-Saltaneh.
Net Worth as of 1936 (approx.)300,000 USD.

Princess Qajar’s Height, Weight & Physical Appearance

Princess Qajar all ready for a ceremony
Height (approx.)In feet and inches: 5’ 6”.In meters: 1.68 m.In centimeters: 168 cm.
Weight (approx.)In kilograms: 60 kg.In pounds: 132 lbs.
Hair ColorDark brown.
Hair Length Medium long.
Eye ColorDark brown.
Distinctive FeaturesMustache.

Princess Qajar Husband Name, Marriage & Personal Life

Princess Qajar with her husband and her kidPrincess Qajar with her husband and her kid

Princess Qajar’s husband was Amir Hussein Khan Shoja’-al Saltaneh. Two boys and two girls were born to their union while Qajar was only 12 years old. Zahra is renowned for being one of the first women to grant her spouse a divorce.

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Princess Qajar’s Son, Daughter & Children

Princess Qajar with her kidsPrincess Qajar with her children

It’s hard to imagine in this day and age, but at the time, having a mustache was regarded as lovely in Persian society. Princes Qajar is claimed to have been so stunning that 13 individuals reportedly committed suicide after she rejected them.

Aref Qazvini recolored imageAref Qazvini recolored image

The Persian poet Aref Qazvini, who later became Princess Qajar’s love interest after their divorce, wrote the poem Ey Taj, popularly known as “The Glimpse of Taj Mahal,” especially for her.

Princess Qajar’s Achievements, Society Work & Lifestyle

During the Persian Empire’s Golden Age, Zahra lived as the princess of one of its wealthiest kingdoms. One of the first Islamic women to forgo the headscarf tradition and dress in Western attire in her father and brother’s court was Qajar.


Princess Qajar with her friendsPrincess Qajar with her friends

In 1910, Qajar founded the Anjoman Horriyyat Nsecan, commonly known as The Society of Women’s Freedom, a clandestine group that is still active today. In order to empower women, Zahra used to conduct literary salons every week in her home.

Intellectual and Literary Work

Princess Qajar playing the pianoQajar playing the piano

Zahra had already dabbled in the memoir-style writing that became fashionable in the late 1800s and early 1900s. She was a renowned philosopher, painter, scholar, and photographer. Her father built a studio for her so she could pursue her artistic endeavors. Princess Zahra learned how to play the piano and take pictures while dispelling all stereotypes.


In the book Publication of Iran’s History, written by Taj-al-Saltaneh by 1924, it was published in 1983. Her memories were eventually compiled and published as “Crowning Anguish: Memoirs of a Persian Princess from the Harem to Modernity 1884-1914” in 1996. Time magazine praised the book, calling it a “curious mix of reflective and reconstructive conflicts.”

Princess Qajar’s Net worth / Income

Princess Qajar getting photographed in a modern dressPrincess getting photographed in a modern dress

Zahra led a luxury lifestyle as one might anticipate from a princess from such an illustrious lineage, from her priceless estates to her fortune. She possessed a sizable collection of jewels and gemstones, and it is estimated that her death left her with a net worth of about $300,000.

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7 Facts You Need to Know About Princess Qajar

  • She has been referred to as the Mustache Queen.
  • The Mustache Queen was laid to rest in Tajrish’s Zahir od-Dowieh Cemetery after passing away.
Zahir od-Dowieh CemeteryZahir od-Dowieh Cemetery
  • Qajar adored going to London to take in the current concepts and female emancipation.
  • She was outspoken about how much she adored Italian food.
  • As Princess Qajar, Qajar quickly rose to fame as an internet meme.
A meme on Princess QajarA meme on Princess Qajar
  • Fatemah, her sister, is equally well-known in the world of internet memes.
  • respected by academics for her memoirs that described everyday life in that era.

Final Summary on Princess Qajar’s Biodata

People frequently laugh at Princess Qajar because of her outward looks and ridicule her, but they don’t realize that she was a very intriguing woman who accomplished things that even contemporary Islamic women find challenging. releasing herself from the constraints of traditional culture.

Taking a stand against her father and brother, starting groups for independent women, and even advocating for women’s freedom, education, and the arts. She was a magnificent woman who will serve as an example to future generations.

And I fear that no matter how “modern” we get, we will never move past our conservative mindset if our modern culture continues to rate a person’s beauty just on the basis of their appearance and jawline rather than appreciating their value, worth, and inner beauty.

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