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Razor Samuels Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Instagram, Bio

Razor hails from Chillum, Maryland and plays for Baddies West. Razor is the happy owner of Razor Conduct Studios, a salon.

With the release of its third season, The Baddies is headed back west with Baddies West. Now that the standby has concluded, viewers are incredibly excited about the upcoming storyline and program.


The truth series’ third season premiered on January 22, 2023. The women will perform and host at some of the hip clubs in cities including Portland, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles this season.

Where Might the Baddies’ Razor Be?Razor from Baddies was born in Chillum, Maryland, in the United States. Monique “Razor” Samuels was her birth name when she was born in 1996.

She is the business owner of Razor Conduct Studio. The store is located in her former Maryland neighborhood. They launched its second salon in 2021, which was spread over the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.

Four stars have been awarded to the truth star for her leadership on Cry. The salon is open Tuesday through Saturday and dedicates a lot of attention to precise cuts and waves. You can use this connection to schedule an appointment.

Soon after graduating from high school, she began her career in elegance, personal care goods, and beauty care.

After being ready for over a year, the TV personality started her own.

She revealed that she symbolizes significant authority in winds around, regular hair care, and precise trims in her most remembered YouTube video. Since she was thirteen, when she realized she wouldn’t be attending school, Monique had yearned for this profession.

When she’s not working at the salon, she’s pursuing her career as a rapper. She revealed in the clip how difficult it was to balance her career between working in a salon and heading to the studio after a 12-hour workday.

Every now and then, after completing five or six hours of meetings, she would take a nap in the studio.

Razor was raised without parental guidance. She was raised by cousins of relatives because her mother was unable to handle her.

She was raised in places like Largo and Minneapolis by her aunts, uncles, and grandmother.

In one of her YouTube videos titled “Question and Answer with Razor,” the reality star stated, “As a youngster, I experienced childhood in a little unique sort of life.”

Monique said that her childhood wasn’t the best, but she couldn’t claim that she had a bad time. Looking back, she realizes that being raised without a mother and father helped her become more grounded.

She disclosed that she had never met her father. “I can tell you with certainty that I grew up near roadways. I didn’t grow up in a climate that was healthy,” she continued.

Speaking of her devotional life, the excellence seems to be in a relationship. She hinted about her sentiment on TikTok in February 2022. She mentioned that her kid accompanied her on a Valentine’s Day excursion to Aspen, Colorado.

She shared on TikTok later in the spring that she and her playmate had gone to another café in Washington, D.C. She posted one more picture of an unplanned night out in December 2022.

That being said, she has managed to conceal her accomplice’s true identity.

Monique has a really unique and distinctive personality. She’s proven herself to be the perfect bad guy for The Zues Organization’s Baddies West.

A member of the unscripted TV drama cast, Razor was one of Baddies West’s top tryout choices, just behind Biggie and Stunna Young woman. On November 8, 2022, she posted the information to her Instagram.

Arriving in the tryout room with four different young women, she claimed to be a money manager rather than a rapper and stripper and to be affiliated with three companies. She continued, “I have my money and I can turn a cent into a dollar.”

When asked why she thought she belonged in the miscreants’ house at that point. “Above all else, regard is as of now given, you all going to regard me in any case,” was her perfect response.

That’s when she said the most famous thing: “Would anybody say anybody will RUN UP?”

The reality personality may be quickly reached on Instagram at @iamrazorbehavior. The bad guy has accumulated an impressive fan base of over 187k followers with just 57 posts.

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