Saiko (YouTuber)

Facts about Saiko

Date of Birth March 18, 1998
Age 22
Birthplace Brazil
Zodiac Pisces
Nationality Brazilian
Ethnicity Unknown
Real Name Rodrigo Ximenes
Height Not known
Relationship status Not revealed yet
Net worth $1 million – $1.5 million (More info Below)

Gameplaying has been one of the most watched video genres. Surprisingly, people find it fun to engaging to watch others play their favorite game. And, Saiko has taken full advantage of it by displaying his outstanding gaming skills. Scroll below to know more about this Brazilian gamer.


Saiko is a Brazilian YouTuber who has earned a lot of fame for his funny contents through his gaming videos which he uploads in his channel, saiko. Right now, he has earned more than 1.8 million subscribers. Not just that, his channel has garnered a total of more than 88 million views from his videos.

Other than YouTube, he has lots of fan followings on his various social media platforms. Also, he has more than 113k  followers on his Instagram alone at the time of writing this article.


YouTube: YouTube has been a platform where people can work by connecting with viewers and getting paid for the ads viewers watch in the process of watching their videos.

So is the case for Saiko, as most of his earnings and incomes comes from YouTube. The subscribers and viewers count of his has risen significantly over the years.

Currently, he has more than 1.8 million subscribers on his channel with an average of 309,097 views daily.

 According to, from his YouTube channel, he earns an estimated $3.9k – $62.4k in a year calculating the daily views and growth of subscribers.

Twitch: Also, he earns a decent amount of money from his Twitch account which has more than 150k followers. The monthly subscription fee of Twitch is $4.99, which means he has already earned more than $79,000 from the subscription.

Net Worth: Thus, evaluating all his income streams, explained above, over the years, and calculating it, Saiko’s estimated net worth is anywhere between, $1 million – $1.5 million.


 There is not even single information about his love life or his partner in crime, in any of his social medias. Despite the fame and limelight, he has been an amazing individual who could give a separate space to his personal and professional life. Moreover, he seems to be low-key about relationship and romance. It is only a matter of time before he opens up about the romantic chapter of his life.

Height Not known
Weight At the moment, the information about his weight remains unknown.
Hair Colored
Eyes Dark Brown
Body Type He has not shown anything other than his face.
Body Measurement Unfortunately, the detailed statistics regarding his body measurements remains unknown.

Father:      He has not mentioned the identity of his father in any of his social media till now.

Mother:    He has not mentioned the identity of his mother in any of his social media till now.

Sibling:    Looks like he doesn’t have siblings as he has not mentioned anything yet.

Childhood:    He has not given any details about his childhood till now. Looks like he is very focused about nourishing his present status and career.

Education:    He has not given any details about his educational journey until now.


Saiko started his YouTube channel on August 17, 2013, and uploaded his first video titled “COMO DUBLAR o HEROBRINE MUSICAL.” Since then he has been uploading various funny contents through his gaming videos.

Till now, out of all his videos, “COISAS ERRADAS QUE EU FAZIA NA ESCOLA” is the most popular videos in his channel. It has racked more than 8 million views as of now.

At the moment, his channel is growing day-by-day with over 1.8 million following his video content. Also, he is as in 2018, he rarely uploaded any videos.


Till now, he has not indulged himself in any undesired rumors and controversies which could hamper his career. He has maintained applaudable professionalism to avoid anything which could spark rumors and controversies. Also, he shows no interest in getting popularity by involving in these things.

Platform Followers (As of January 2019) Link
Facebook Not created Here
Twitter 445k       Here
Instagram 113k      Here
YouTube 1.8 million     Here


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