Shin Lim

Shin Lim

Facts about Shin Lim

Date of BirthSeptember 25, 1991
Shin Lim Net worth$2.5 million (details below)

Shin Lim is a Canadian magician is best known as the reigning World FISM Champion for Close Up Magic winning $1 million cash prize as well as the winner of America’s Got Talent of 2018 (season 13). Also, he became viral because of his cunning magics which even fooled the likes of Penn and Teller. He practices, masters and performs his SELF-CHOREOGRAPHED routines rather than calling it a magic. He his known for combining dexterity, exquisite precision, and a touch of grace with the mind-boggling finger which leaves the audience in a complete despair and shock. Later on, he took part in the popular reality TV show named America’s Got Talent. After series of brilliant performances, he was quick to be one of the favorite and top performer in the show. Eventually, he stood out from the rest and won the show. 

Shin Lim in America's got talent
Shin Lim in America’s got talent (ref:

Shin Lim earned a lot of fame when the lots of his video performing the magic trick went viral all over the internet. His success didn’t stop there as he went on to World FISM Champion for Close Up Magic winning $1 million cash prize. Moreover, he became the winner of the AGT show of 2018. The cash prize is of $1 million which is paid in 40 years annuity period i.e. $25,000 per year or he gets the option to take the money right now (Present value of the annuity i.e. $1,50,000 after-tax reduction).

Lots of people all around the world wanted to know his tricks as well as sponsor him. He started his website ( where people can buy playing cards, books, and magic tutorials. The products range from $15 to $319 at the moment and the sales are growing tremendously. In conclusion, the estimated Shin Lim’s net worth is more than $2.5 million at the moment and it is growing tremendously. 

Some Products sold on his website
Some Products sold on his website (reference:
Relationship Status Engaged on August 20, 2017, after he proposed to her.
Partners nameCasey Kathleen
Previous relationshipUnknown

At the moment, he is living a happy and prosperous life with a fantastic career and romantic life. He often uploads the photo of her in his social media to express the love he has for her. They are going strong without any signs of problems hovering over their relationship. They have recently taken a step forward in their relationship and now are waiting for the moment when they call each other ‘Husband and Wife.’

Shin Lim with his girlfriend, Casey Kathleen
Shin Lim with his girlfriend, Casey Kathleen
Height5 feet and 10  inches
Weight75 – 80 kg
EyesDark Brown

FATHER: He has not mentioned anything about his father till now.

MOTHER: He has posted a photo of her on mothers day but, he has not revealed her name as well as her other details about her.

Shin Lim with his mother
Shin Lim with his mother (ref:

BROTHER: He has an older brother who showed Shin some magic. And rest is all history.

CHILDHOOD: He was raised in Singapore. After his brother showed him a few tricks, he was very much into magic so much so that he taught himself how to do magic. He started watching YouTube tutorials and practiced lots of time to master the tricks. He loved seeing the reaction of people from the trick he does and he started learning and creating his own magic tricks.

EDUCATION: There is no information about his education and qualifications till now. However, given his career status, he seems to be well-educated.


Shin Lim started learning magic after his brother showed him some magic tricks. He taught himself with the YouTube videos about magic tricks. His sleight-of-hand close-up card tricks are one of the best at the moment.

Moreover, he appeared in the show hosted by great magicians such as Penn and Teller. They were not fooled once by the magic he showed, but twice. That is some achievement as a magician to fool the some smartest and experienced guys in the complex world of magic. He also won the World FISM Champion for Close Up Magic winning $1 million cash prize.

At the moment, he has appeared in America’s got talent. He put everyone in shock with their jaws wide open with the magic so real. As a result, he became an instant fan favorite and went up to the finals of America’s Got Talent.


He has won a lot of awards in his astounding career. He has collected 2015 Reigning FISM World Champion In Close Up Card Magic, 2015 International Brotherhood of Magicians, 2014 IBM Close Up Magician of the Year and the list goes on and on.


Till now he has not indulged himself into any sorts of unwanted attention and rumor. He has always been a professional magician keeping a fine line between his personal and professional life. His professionalism and dedication have always been admired and appreciated by his fans. Thus, he shows no intention of sparking any rumors to ruin the career he has worked so hard for.

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