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Shuler King is Married to Wife: Courtney D. Williams. Kids

Frank Williams III is an American comedian and entertainer who goes by the amazing moniker Shuler Lord. He is well-known for being one of the many cast members who returned for Seasons 14 through 16 of the American comic game show and sketch-parody series Wild n’ Out.

In addition, he is well-known for the videos he uploads to his YouTube channel, ComedianShulerKing, and Instagram account, @shulerking, that feature his cooking and dissing. Similarly, he works as the Memorial Service Chief at Williams Memorial Service Home Inc., the family-owned funeral home.


You will learn some fascinating facts about the better half of American entertainer Shuler Ruler as well as the facts about their marriage, lives, and kids as you read this article. The union of Shuler Ruler and Courtney D. Williams Many people are unaware that he is currently married to Courtney D. Williams, his other half. It is tough to determine his relationship status if one has only relied on his online persona for amusement and hasn’t learned much about him personally. Fortunately for us, Courtney revealed some minor details about their relationship in a video that she uploaded to her Courtney D. Williams YouTube account. Through God’s extraordinary luck, she discovered that they were each other’s addressed prayers to heaven.

She begged God for a change in her life, including meeting her future spouse by the end of 2017, when she was going through a difficult period in 2015 and 2016. She also attended Bible studies, directing, and training initiatives to help herself during that time. After her remarkable grandma passed away on January 2, 2018, she finally saw him in person. Together, they planned a memorial ceremony at the funeral home owned by his family. Her maternal granddad labored for his loved ones, and their families had known each other for a considerable amount of time. She was a tactical whelp, meaning she had to travel from one area to the next and they had never met before that day. Their most treasured promise was made on the day of her grandma’s amazing funeral. He came by to retrieve the seats after an hour of conversation while they sat down for some cappuccino in her grandmother’s kitchen, helped by her mother.

They immediately hit it off and started dating at roughly the same time. Two years later, on May 25, 2020, they tied the knot, and Courtney officially became Shuler Ruler’s better half. Their nuptial details have remained a secret.

Since then, they have not experienced any division problems, and they are currently living with their daughter in their former Sumter, North Carolina, neighborhood.


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The Past of Courtney D. Williams The better half of Shuler Lord, Courtney Renae DuBose, was born on April 26, 1988, in Sumter, North Carolina, to Ted and Stephanie DuBose. She is currently 34 years old. Quinton DuBose is her brother, who has gained more experience. Following her graduation from Sumter Secondary School, she attended Winston-Salem State College, where she majored in human resources and finished her four-year business executive certification in 2010. Additionally, in 2013, she graduated from Freedom College with a graduate degree in human administrations with a focus on marriage and family. In addition to writing her book Uniik by Plan the Gathering, she works as an airplane steward at US Aviation routes and as a free joy specialist for Mary Kay Inc. In addition, she runs Uniikbydesign, a life training administrations organization, as the organizer and an assured life coach. She started her YouTube channel sometime in 2012. Wikipedia does not yet have a profile for Courtney D. Williams. We shall immediately update this article and its contents once Shuler Ruler’s better half has one.

Children of the Shuler Ruler The married pair currently has a single child. The better half of Shuler Ruler recently gave birth to a little girl and documented her pregnancy on YouTube. She had discovered that they found out about her childbearing while she was a month and a half pregnant, but she had not disclosed the child’s name, precise birthdate, or appearance. She revealed that when their child decided to come out, she was 37 weeks pregnant. Similarly, she was in labor for 37 hours and 27 minutes before their child was delivered safely—without the need for an epidural. She was three weeks postpartum when she uploaded the video on the fourteenth day of Walk 2022, indicating that she had given birth in the middle or end of February.

She came to the conclusion that since their daughter’s appearance changes gradually and Courtney believes she should nurture it first before sharing pictures, they haven’t yet shared any of their daughter’s images.

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