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The Ace Family Net Worth 2023: Revealed with Proof

The Ace Family

Ace Family’s Net Worth: $22 million (Details are below)


Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz founded the American YouTube channel Ace Family, which is most known for posting practical jokes, challenges, reactions, comedic videos, and vlogs. They have more than 18 million subscribers as of right now. Additionally, their channel has had more than 341 million views overall. They have sizable fan bases on his other social media channels in addition to YouTube. Additionally, as of the time that this piece was being written, they had more than 14.4 million followers on Instagram alone.  

Ace Family
Catherine and Austin

Ace Family’s YouTube Earnings Calculation

Before beginning any calculations, we would want to note that the figures below are accurate and have been done since Ace Family’s YouTube career first began. The estimate is based not on inaccurate speculation but rather on precise facts and data that were directly gathered from Ace Family’s YouTube details. Let us now take you on a tour filled with figures so you can learn Ace Family’s YouTube revenue.

Let’s start with the numbers and statistics now. The exact number of Ace Family subscribers at the time this story was being written was 18 million. With more than 500 videos on their YouTube account, Ace Family has been constant with their video uploads. Up to this point, these videos have received a massive 3,417,158,448 views.

The Ace Family's YouTube Earnings
The Ace Family’s YouTube Earnings

Wait, there’s still one more thing you need to be aware of in order to interpret the results and estimate of Ace Family’s YouTube earnings below. 

First off, YouTube rewards its users by inserting advertisements into their videos. Do you recall the obnoxious adverts that kept appearing all over your face?

Types of YouTube ads

Yes, their primary source of revenue and earnings is that. Advertisers often pay $2 to $5 for every 1000 views, depending on a number of variables including the device, location, ad kind, user involvement, and more. Currently, YouTube retains 45% of the total advertising revenue. 

For instance, if an advertiser paid an average $5 CPM (Cost per 1000 views), YouTubers would receive $5 of that, or $2.75, and Google would receive the remaining $2.25 (or 45%). I hope it makes the basic concept of the YouTube revenue scheme obvious. 

Let’s finally find out what you’ve been waiting for.

As was already indicated, 3,417,158,448 views have been logged since the video’s debut. Therefore, multiplying it by 1000 now yields a total of 3,417,158.448 views. 

As of right now, Ace Family’s YouTube earnings are $10.2 million, assuming an average of $3 per 1000 views. 


A person who earns money from any source is left behind by any government? – NOT AT ALL. YouTubers are typically considered to be self-employed individuals. 

YouTubers are considered self-employed individuals and are subject to the 20% tax bracket, claims medium.com. 

The expected YouTube revenue for Ace Family, after taxes, is $8 million (20% of the findings above). This is the most accurate estimate of Ace Family’s YouTube revenues that is currently available online. 

Other Income

Advertisers pay a certain sum for each post made on their Instagram account, which has more than 14.4 million followers. According to their 15 most recent posts, each of his posts has an average interaction rate of 18.89% among followers. 

Therefore, it is estimated that the ACE family makes between $50,000 and $70,000 per year via Instagram.

As a well-known YouTuber, their products have been in high demand from followers and viewers. 

Thankfully, he has offered his own products, which are offered for sale on shopacefamily.com. They mostly provide bespoke T-shirts, hoodies, and other items with different stickers and printing right now. 

The merchandise’s pricing, which range from $20 to $100, are relatively reasonable and frequently “sell out.”

Ace Family's Merchandise
Ace Family’s Merchandise

Ace Family’s Net worth

The sum of Ace Family’s YouTube profits and other sources of income, along with the previously mentioned facts and numbers, results in an estimated net worth of $22 million. If you don’t accept it despite all of these justifications and computations, “GOD BLESS YOU!”

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