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The Dirty D Season 2 Release Date Tubi Set For April 2023

April 1, 2023 is the shipping date for Tubi’s Messy D Season 2. Lisa Brown is in charge of organizing the Tubi show for the second time.

Film producer Lisa has returned with the highly anticipated second season of the show, which depicts the lives of people who are unable to distinguish the benefits of having confidence in themselves.


The consumption of illegal substances with money and personal relationships is openly examined in the series. It displays the signs of power and opiates, which usually go hand in hand with a cost.

In addition, the plot of the show depicts a squandering influence couple that pursues ungrateful and disillusioned young people while moving the line between enticement, wealth, and popularity.

With the success of the first season, film producer Lisa Brown returns with the second, which promises to be even more spectacular than the first.

Entertainers Phillip Granger, Mena Monroe, Demaris Harvey, James Perkins, and Makeiva Albritten arema are expected to be in the cast of the series, much like in the main season. April 1, 2023 is the delivery date for Grimy D season 2. The members of the cast will organize the show’s limited premiere.

Fox Enterprises claims Tubi, an online platform based in Los Angeles, California. The first of April 2014 saw the start of the streaming stage.

Fans of TV Chronic can access the show on Tubi, a streaming service, from anywhere.

Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity X1, Xbox, Samsung Brilliant TVs, Sony Shrewd televisions, PlayStation, and the web may all use it for free.

Furthermore, a variety of devices are supported by the web-based capability, such as Sony, Roku, Vizio, Samsung, Apple TV, XBOX, and Amazon Fire TV.

Exciting movies such as You Are In Good Company and Butch Cassidy and the Wild Pack are also available on Tubi. Additionally, the majority of the performers in this series are employed by Tubi Films as performers.

Entertainers with experience on the Tubi stage include Phil Nochill, Emory Lawrence, and James Lord Perkins.

On May 3, 2022, Lisa Brown’s The Filthy D Season 1 premiered on Tubi. The television program consisted of six episodes in its first season, with eight planned for the second. 2.

Control had a significant impact on the lives of Block Davis and his better half Tiffany, despite the fact that they were a cunning duo who took advantage of vulnerable people who came to their clubs.

The Filthy D depicts deceit and the portrayal of this current reality, hidden behind the curtain created by people such as Block, who are linked to narcotics, groups, and illicit exploitation.

We witnessed the true nature of Detroit’s most oppressive club, where rules and regulations mean absolutely nothing, during the first season. There are no cutoff points, and everyone engages in a disorganized game.

The plot thickens when Kyra, one of the club’s attractive young ladies, falls hard for Terrence, and everything goes south for the club owners.

From the start, Terrence is just a little boy concerned about his girl’s safety, but it turns out that the person is actually a covert police officer who helps his unit apprehend Block Davis.

The story takes a new turn when he tries to flee the court at gunpoint because the local authorities soon realized that the club was engaging in “drug” use and acting in an absurd manner. They created areas of strength for an attack on the protection.

People were currently ensnared, severely injured, and had their hopes for a respectable existence crushed in the name of power and money.

However, it also serves as a reminder that not everyone who is physically appealing is also kind-hearted. Similar to the previous young ladies, some speak the truth while others try to take advantage of the situation.

In the second season, the show is taking a more serious approach as Block Davis pursues his initial connection with his claims involving opiates and weapons.

While some viewers believe the show was not as good as it seemed in the trailer, the bulk of viewers have positive opinions on the greatness of the minority local area.

Albritten Makeiva, Phillip Granger, Emory Lawrence, and Mena Monroe are among the cast members of the Messy D series on Tubi. The majority of the show is on the power of resources, illegal narcotics, and young women.

Likewise, William Quick, Lauren Meeting, and Cierra Smith appear in supporting roles.

The amazing performer Mena Monroe Dey is based in Detroit, Michigan. She primarily appears in Tubi TV shows and movies.

Mena Lyles has also established a creative company with her brother Shwan Lyles. The brother-sister team must support professionals with shady backgrounds who aspire to pursue performing careers.

Acting roles in Chocolate Kiss and These People For Everyone have made Emory Lawrence most well-known.

More than twenty feature films and television shows have featured him. Emory plays the official Jason Marcus in the series.

Emory Lawrence Jr., age six, is the only child of Emory, who is a single father. Makeiva Albritten is a performer, artist, and nail technician. On the Tubi sitcom Filthy D, she plays Kyra, a jug young lady. Albritten is also well-known for his book Sovereignty of Kings and Lords.

Makeiva grew up in Detroit, Michigan, where she was born. She owns a salon in the Detroit area and attended Wayne State College. She also creates material on her Facebook profile. Jewel Young women, Prong and Lori, Turn of the Cheek, and Not Left in Vegas are some of the well-known performances by James Perkins. In the upcoming series, James plays Terrence, a police officer.

Famous for his songs Tubi’s Definitive Disloyalty, Harmed Merchandise, and Limited By Blood, Phil Nochill is a well-known entertainer. The main character of the show is Phil, who portrays Block Davis, the mysterious figure who uses money and opiates as a kind of dominance.

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