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Theo Von Family Are Roland von Kurnatowski Sr. and Gina Capitani

US citizens Gina Capitani and Roland von Kurnatowski Sr. are Theo Von’s guardians. His mother is originally from Bluefields, while his father works as a humanitarian.

Theo is a performer in every way. He has done everything, including parodies, YouTube videos, and web recordings. He is a well-known YouTuber with 1.4 million subscribers. His new transfers consist mostly of two- to three-hour extended webcasts titled “This Previous Weekend digital broadcast.”


He and well-known professional comic Brendan Schaub co-hosted the webcast “The Lord and the Sting” in the past.

In addition, he manages finances and offers his goods at the Ovon store. He started working when he was just 19 years old.

He appeared in the improvised television series “Street Rules: Greatest Speed Visit.” This show aired back in 2000.

Theo defeated talented competitors like Amy Schumer and Tiffany Haddish to win the 2008 season of “Reality Nibbles Back,” showcasing his perseverance as an artist.

Gina Capitani and Roland von Kurnatowski Sr. are Theo Von Guardians.On Walk 19, 1980, Theo Von was born to mother Gina Capitani and father Roland von Kurnatowski Sr.

He grew raised in Los Angeles’ Covington. Furthermore, he recently relocated the production of his online series to Nashville, Tennessee, this past weekend.

The program is a lengthy video webcast that features his narration, fan phone messages, and astute guest interviews.

Father Roland von Kurnatowski, Sr., had already expressed gratitude for the celebration of his 70th birthday when he became Theo’s father.

On November 28, 1912, Ronald’s parents invited him to Cabo Gracias, Nicaragua. He lived a long and happy life until August 18, 1996, when he passed away.

He mentioned in one of his Instagram photos that his father liked to eat shrimp and tell stories.

At that time, Von was eighty-six, and Theo was just sixteen. Taking everything into account, Theo feels terrible about not realizing his father fully.

Lillian Maud Whittier is the name of his mother. Kurnatowski’s son Theo has strong memories of him.

He sent his late father a Blissful Dad’s Day wish in June 2017. He passed along a fascinating picture of himself and his parents when he was a baby.

When he appeared on the TigerBelly webcam, he made a lighthearted comment about his father, saying, “He was beginning to tumble off the bone when I met him.”

Mama Gina Capitani Gina Capitani has Irish and Italian ancestry. She is approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall, as far as we can tell.

In the interim, one of their pictures appeared to show her as somewhat more constrained than her two kids. She stayed between her two kids there.

Theo’s mother and he are incredibly close. Even as a small boy, Theo’s significant other gave his last gasp.

Gina raised Theo as a single parent in this manner. She is the epitome of the strong woman. All of her children are doing quite well in life.

In May 2017, Theo wrote a subtitle ensuring Gina loved him regardless of his poor handkerchiefs and wished her a happy Mother’s Day.

She resides in Tucson, Arizona, USA, at the moment. She hadn’t seen her son Theo play in front of an audience in 2019 for a very long time.

To attend the event, she took a car from Tuscon. Theo was really excited about it.

In due course, she too becomes a grandmother. She is frequently observed spending meaningful time with her grandkids and grandsons.

Theo Von’s Family Contains Three Kin Theo Von is the second child born to his father Roland Von and mother Gina Capitani.

Theo was born after two sisters and a senior brother.

After graduating from Mandeville Secondary School in Mandeville, Louisiana, he attended Loyola College New Orleans, College of Arizona, School of Charleston, and St. Nick Monica School for a while before going to Louisiana State College.

In addition, he graduated from the College of New Orleans in 2011 with a degree.

Brother with the oldest age As of right now, Theo’s elder brother’s name is a mystery. However, he has been on Theo’s Instagram profile a few occasions.

In Walk 2019, Theo’s mother Gina, brother, and individual joker Ari Mannis were spotted together in Phoenix, Arizona. At one of his spoof shows, they got together.

The eldest Von kin was dressed simply in jeans and a shirt. He had also covered his head with shades.

It seemed that he was a few inches taller than Theo. His arm was covered in tattoos. There were two: one at the wrist and another around the elbow. It seems that Theo’s older brother is quite frugal and doesn’t need updates about his life on the internet.

But the brothers have an amazing bond. They get some much-needed relaxation from their busy schedules during siestas and other occasions, and they come together to celebrate.

In Cudgel Rouge, Louisiana, Theo’s eldest brother resides. He occasionally stays at his brother’s house on special occasions. Christmas Day was spent by the whole Von family at Gina’s oldest child’s residence.

Theo Von has a sister named Ashley Von. She, her partner, and their two children reside in Southern Louisiana.

She is a mother of a young girl and a child. Her kids have a really special relationship with their uncle Theo.

Ashley’s kids attended their most treasured Holy People game in New Orleans, Louisiana, on November 25, 2019. Theo introduced them to the game.

Theo captioned the photo he transferred, saying that it was a fantastic day spent with loved ones.

She can be found on Instagram with the handle @ashleyvon, the online entertainment platform.

As of February 2023, she had transferred 185 postings and garnered 1,034 fans.

In her Instagram bio, she describes herself as “propelled ordinarily.” Additionally, she is displaying with her hand and wearing shades on her showcase profile.

Given that there are tree limbs and leaves if one looks closely, the photo was most likely taken outside.

As a mother, she enjoys taking pictures of her kids and sharing them with close friends, family, and acquaintances. She usually attends family get-togethers and celebrations.

Rolanda Capitani Von Kurnatowski is another of the well-known performer Theo’s relatives. Rolanda answers the phone as a medical caregiver.

She acts as a stand-in medical attendant at a trauma center. In December 2022, she was finalizing the PEDS arrangements.

Rolanda’s sister Ashley calls her RoRo. Furthermore, most of her close friends and family refer to her as Ro. She has 106 posts and 330 followers on Instagram. She goes by @rcvk1128.

“Insane, interesting, and bear everything to anyone who might be in the vicinity,” is how she describes herself.

She and her former husband, Yancy Hebert, had two beautiful kids. Madison Hebert is the eldest child she has.

Madison is spotted participating in a variety of sports and games with her younger sister. They have a playful and loving relationship, just like any other ordinary family. In 2022, the two of them were spotted interacting with Theo.

Madison plays secondary school soccer in the Easton Region. Rolanda Capitani currently resides with David, her new accomplice. Ro and David recently made their romance public.

Ashley wrote the word “roro” with an emoji of a smiling face in her most recent post, which shows her taking a photo with David. She is also the owner of a dog named Macho.

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