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Josh Richards

Josh Richards

Facts about Josh Richards

Date of BirthJanuary 31, 2002
Age21 years old
ProfessionMovie actor and Social Media Star
Net worth$350,000-$475,000. (More info Below)

Josh Richard came into limelight from a young age after his brilliant acting performance in several movies in Hollywood. He made his presence felt known to the entire nation and his popularity got bigger and bigger. Even though he has made a name for himself as an actor, he is also a social media star who has a  fan base that won’t stop growing. It is all thanks to his charming and attractive appearance that has won over the hearts of many girls of his age. Not just that, many of his TikTok videos have gone viral growing his reach to millions and millions of people all over the world. Below we have covered everything encompassing his age, bio, girlfriend, net worth, etc. that you ought to know about this social media sensation, Josh Richards.


Josh Richards was born on January 31, 2002 (21 years old) in Ontario, Canada. Ever since Josh was young, he was very passionate about acting. He began taking acting classes from a young age to hone his acting skills. Besides acting, he was also interested in sports. He used to play ice hockey as well as soccer. But, his main goal was always to be an actor. In 2018, all the hard work paid off as he landed big roles in movies such as  Brother’s Keeper and Summertime Dropouts.

It was this moment when his career took a big turn and his popularity just kept growing. At the same time, he also started posting lip-sync and funny videos on TikTok just for fun. But, little did he know, he will become one of the famous people on the entire TikTok platform. At the time of writing this article, Josh Richards has already earned more than a whopping 12.3 million followers on TikTok. Moreover, he is getting a lot of hype for his potential in the Hollywood industries where offers are piling up for him.

Also, it won’t be a surprise for a person with his caliber is an aspiring model who has already modeled for various brands which can be seen on his Instagram posts which has more than 3 million followers at the time of writing.


As we all know, Josh is not alone in this journey of sudden TikTok fame. There are few young boys like him who have achieved popularity through TikTok. And, the good thing is, these viral sensations have collaborated together to create a group called ‘SWAY HOUSE.’  It was formed in late 2019 by TalentX Entertainment. The group includes Anthony Reeves, Jaden Hossler, Griffin Johnson, Bryce Hall, and Kio Cyr. They are literally everywhere be it on TikTok or Instagram. The group has earned massive clout and popularity at the moment and Anthony Reeves lies at the heart of the group. The one that shines the brightest.

Sway House squad
Sway House squad
Josh Richards’s NET WORTH

Instagram sponsorship: Due to his account’s more than 3 million followers, businesses pay a certain sum for each post they publish. When looking at his 15 most recent posts, the average follower engagement rate is 25.22%. As a result, the range of his estimated average sponsorship fee is $6,032.25 to $10,053.75.

Josh Richards's Instagram Earnings
Josh Richards’s Instagram Earnings

TikTok:  Considering his latest 15 TikTok posts, the average engagement rate of followers on each of his posts is 2.70%. Thus, the estimate of Josh Richards’sTikTok earnings is between $7,396 – $12,327.

Josh Richards's TikTok Earnings
Josh Richards’s TikTok Earnings

His product is in high demand because he is a well-known social media influencer. Additionally, Josh Richards is now selling his own products on his own website, joshrichardsofficial.com, after listening to his followers. He is only currently offering an autographed post and a T-shirt with a unique logo for $15 and $5, respectively.

Endorsement: His partnership with and endorsement of the up-and-coming company Armo gear may be seen in his Instagram highlight story. Additionally, he has completed numerous endorsement deals in the past. He makes a lot of money from this endorsement arrangement, increasing his overall wealth. The arrangement, however, only affects him and his business.

Net worth:  So, evaluating all the income streams of his, Josh Richards has a net worth of $350,000-$475,000.

Josh Richards’s GIRLFRIEND, Nessa Barrett

There is no questioning Josh Richards’ status as one of the most well-liked teens in the country. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that people would want to know if Josh Richards is single or in a relationship.

It is bad news for the ladies that Josh Richards is in a relationship at the moment. He started dating a fellow social media star named Nessa Barrett since early 2020. There was always a clear sign that sparked a rumor that they were in a relationship because of their online chemistry. They tried their best to keep their relationship a secret but, the truth has to come out someday. On January 26, 2020, Josh Richards put an end to that rumor as he posted a picture on his Instagram with a caption, “Mine.”

Josh Richards's Girlfriend, Nessa Barrett
Josh Richards’s Girlfriend, Nessa Barrett

Most of his followers were overjoyed for him and Nessa, despite the fact that many girls were envious. They are “couple goals” because they are so adorable and flawless together. They are deeply in love with one another and frequently appear on one other’s social media. Josh and Nessa are only experiencing the happiest days of their lives while holding hands.

Josh Richards's Girlfriend, Nessa Barrett

Height5 feet and 11 inches
WeightNo information available at the moment
Body MeasurementJosh has a slim yet athletic body figure which is absolutely perfect. His waist is 29.5 inches, the neck is 14 inches, the sleeve is 33.5 inches and shoe size is 9.5.
Josh Richards in a good shape
Josh Richards in a good shape

Father:      He has not revealed the identity of his father until now.

Mother:    He has not revealed the identity of his mother until now.

Sibling:    He has a younger brother who has already been featured on his social media posts.

Josh Richards's brother
Josh Richards’s brother

Childhood:    He had a childhood in a very caring and loving environment. His parents were really supportive and attentive about his needs. In simple words, he got a childhood that surely made him a talented and successful person he is right now.

Education:    Given his age, he still must be studying in a high school. However, Josh has not revealed where and what he is studying until now.


Josh Richards launched his career by posting numerous hilarious and lip-synching videos on his Joshrichardzz TikTok account. He was able to win the hearts of numerous young girls thanks to his endearing appearance. He also demonstrated his superb acting skills. He was able to gain a lot of followers in a short amount of time and currently has more than 1.8 million.

As soon as he had the offer to feature in films like Brother’s Keeper and Summertime Dropouts, both of which were released in 2018, his acting abilities and potential were recognized. Because of his significant and large film role, he gained a lot of notoriety and visibility. His career is established and bright at such a young age, and he now has several producers waiting for his sign.

He has not yet received any honors. However, the strides he is making in his career will undoubtedly earn him some prestigious honors in the near future.


He hasn’t yet participated in any unfavorable rumors or controversies that could harm his career. He has avoided anything that can cause speculations and controversies with admirable expertise. He also doesn’t appear interested in participating in these activities to get fame. However, unsubstantiated and unproven stories about his relationship pop up here and there.

Josh Richards’s SOCIAL MEDIA
PlatformFollowers (As of February 2020)Link
Twitter172.8kJosh Richards Twitter
TikTok12.3 millionJosh Richards TikTok
Instagram3 millionJosh Richards Instagram
YouTubeNot createdJosh Richards YouTube


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