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Rifty Net Worth 2023: Revealed with Proof (Age, Bio, Height)


Facts about Rifty

Date of Birth19980113
Age26 years old
BirthplaceUnited States
Height6 feet

Rifty Net Worth: $3 million


Rifty is an Brazilian YouTuber who is best-known for uploading gameplays especially Fortnite and Minecrafts in his channel, Rifty. Cole started the channel on May 1st, 2018. Since then, he has earned more than 938k subscribers. Also, his channel has garnered a total of more than 102 million views as well. Besides YouTube, he has lots of fan followings on his other social media platforms. Also, he has more than 34.7k followers on his Instagram alone at the time of writing this article.  


Rifty’s YouTube Earnings Calculation

Before making any calculations, we would like to make a statement that, the genuine calculations given below are made from the beginning of Rifty’s YouTube career. The estimation is not made on flawed guessing but, rather on concrete facts and figures collected directly from Cole’s YouTube details. Now let us take you to the journey full of numbers and ultimately know Rifty’s YouTube earnings.

Now, let us get started with the facts and figures. At the time of writing this article, Rifty has exactly 938k subscribers. Cole has been consistent in uploading videos, with over 174 on his YouTube closet. These videos have earned more than a whopping 102,283,739 views till now.

WAIT, now comes the crucial piece of information which you should definitely know to understand the meaning of the results and estimation of Cole’s YouTube earnings below. 

Rifty s YouTube Stats
Rifty s YouTube Stats

First off, YouTube pays YouTubers by placing a piece of ads while the viewers watch their videos. Do you remember the annoying ads popping all over your face?

Types of YouTube ads

(Image source: parqamarketing.com)

Yup, that is the main source of their income and earnings. For every 1000 views, advertisers pay an average of $2 – $5, which varies factors such as devices, location, types of ads, user engagement and many more. Now, YouTube takes its cut of 45% of the overall advertising revenue. 

For example: if an advertiser paid the average $5 CPM (Cost per 1000 views), YouTubers get 55% of $5 = 2.75, and the remaining 2.25 goes to Google (45%). Hope it clears the general idea of the YouTube earning system. 

FINALLY, let’s know what you have been waiting for.

As mentioned above, the total video view from the beginning is 102,283,739. So, now dividing it by 1000, the total number of 1000 views is 102,283.739. 

Now, by taking an average of $3 per 1000 views, Rifty’s YouTube earning is $$306,851.367

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Does any Government leave a person who earns from any sources? – A BIG NO. Generally, YouTubers fall into the category of people who are self-employed. 

According to medium.com, YouTubers fall into the category of 20% tax bracket as self-employed individuals. 

So, deducting 20% from the above results, Rifty’s estimated YouTube earnings is $245,481.094 (Approx. $245,481.094). Now, this is the closest estimation of Rifty’s YouTube earnings that you possibly could get in the entire Internet. 

Other Income

Merchandise: As a popular YouTuber, many of his fans and viewers have demanded his own merchandise. 

Fortunately, he has provided his own merchandise which is sold through, teespring.com. At the moment, he mostly sells custom-made T-shirts, hoodies and other accessories with various stickers and prints. 

The prices of the merchandise range from $20-$50 which is very affordable and gets ‘sold out’ time and again.

Rifty’s Net worth

Thus, after all the facts and figures explained above, and adding up his YouTube earnings and other income streams, Rifty’s estimated net worth is $3 million. Even after all these explanations and calculations, if you don’t believe it then, “GOD BLESS YOU!” Also Read: Kirby Engelman

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