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Addison Rae

Addison Easterling

Facts about Addison Rae

Date of BirthOctober 6, 2000
Age23 years old
BirthplaceLafayette, Louisiana, United States
ProfessionTikTok star
Height5 feet and 6 inches
Relationship statusNot revealed yet
Net worth$100k – $200k (More info Below)

The assertion that Addison Easterling, sometimes known as Addison Rae, is an angel is undoubtedly accurate. She is flawless in every way, endowed with a lovely and likeable attitude, talent, and most importantly, stunning good looks. We are all aware of how TikTok is expanding, and Addison is one of its brightest stars. Many people love and support her because of this. millions of people would be considered a lot. Many of the videos that have gone viral are the result of her amusing videos on popular songs. Now tell us more about Addison Easterling, the darling of TikTok.

Just see how her parents, who are in the background, are there for her.


TikTok celebrity Addison Rae was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, in the United States, on October 6, 2000, making her 23 years old. Addison has always been passionate about and interested in dance, fashion, and makeup. As she grew older, Addison developed into an Instagram star who gained notoriety and recognition for her lip-syncing and dance videos that she posted on her addisonrae TikTok account.

Addison Rae is not alone in her road to unexpected TikTok fame, as we are all aware. Few young boys and girls have become well-known thanks to TikTok. The good news is that these internet sensations came together to form a group called “THE HYPE HOUSE.” It is literally available on Instagram and TikTok. At the present, the group, which is led by Addison Rae, is quite powerful and well-liked. Compared to other TikTokers who are already well-known, she is even more well-known.

The Hype House
The Hype House

The most well-liked of all of her videos are the ones she makes with her parents. Her parents still maintain a youthful appearance and are really a couple desire. At the time this article was being written, Addison had already accumulated more than 3 million followers on TikTok.

Addison Easterling


Father:      Her father’s name is Monty Easterling. He frequently appears on her TikTok videos where he looks very cool. He really is a supportive dad as not many parents do what he does.

Addison Easterling's mom and dad
Addison Easterling’s mom and dad

Mother:    Her mother Sheri Easterling is the reason why she is so beautiful. Even at the age of 44, she has done an awesome job of maintaining her looks and figure. She really looks very young for her age, let alone a mother of two boys and a daughter. Nevertheless, her videos with Addison are the ones who have got the most attention. She has a TikTok account of her own. Not just that, she is also an engineer and photographer. Isn’t she is a cool mom?

Sheri Easterling
Sheri Easterling

Sibling:    She has two brothers. 

Childhood:    Her childhood was very great with a lot of support and attention from her parents. They were always fulfilling everything she needs to pursue what she wants. In simple words, she had experienced a childhood that has certainly played a key role to achieve the success she is gaining right now.

Highschool:    Addison completed her high school education from Calvary Baptist Academy in Shreveport, Louisiana in 2019. At the moment, she wants to get a major in mass communications/broadcast journalism. But, she has still not decided if she wants to join Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge or the University of Louisiana in Lafayette.

Is Addison Rae dating Bryce Hall?

If you’re a die-hard Addison’s fan, you might notice that Bryce Hall, a handsome fellow TikTok star, makes frequent appearances. Continue reading if all you want to know is whether or not she is seeing anyone. They have been sharing that amorous connection on each other’s social media pages. It was unavoidable for their admirers to believe they were in love with one other as they both began sharing videos and images of one another on social media.

(Addison, take a look at how Bryce Hall appears.)

BUT, a big BUT. Both of them have not said anything regarding their fan’s curiosity to know if they are dating or not. The videos they make together clearly show that perfect chemistry which happens if you are more than just friends. It has been a lot of time that the rumor of them dating is surfacing all over the internet. Their fan pages are literally filled with videos and photos of them adding fire to that rumor.  Alas, they have still not said anything until now when their comment section is literally spammed with comments asking if they are dating or not and how perfect they look together.

Nevertheless, despite being so young, she has already become famous, so people will never stop asking her these questions. When she feels comfortable, she will undoubtedly talk about her romantic life at some point. Do not lose sight of the fact that she is still quite young and has a bright future ahead of her. Therefore, rather of making assumptions, let’s just wait. Also, keep informed.

What is Addison Rae’s NET WORTH and EARNINGS?

Sponsorship: Due to Addison’s more than 3 million TikTok followers, advertisers are required to pay a set sum for each post they make. 

Taking into account Addison’s most recent 15 posts, the average follower engagement rate is 6.68%. As a result, the range of her estimated average sponsorship fee is $1,172 to $1,954.

Addison Easterling TikTok Earnings
Addison Easterling TikTok Earnings

Brand Endorsements: She is well-liked, as we are all aware. As a result, companies are inclined to support her to advertise their goods. She has received endorsements from a number of companies up to this point, including Chantilly Boutique, FashionNova, Uptown Cheapskate, and McCary’s Jewelers.

As a result of determining Addison Rae’s net worth by taking into account all of the sources of income she has had over the years, as mentioned above, it is projected to be between $100k and $200k.

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HeightAddison Rae stands 5 feet and 6 inches tall.
Weight59 kg or 130 lbs
HairLight Brown
EyesLight Brown
Body MeasurementHowever, the detailed statistics showing her body measurements is not known.
Body TypeCurvy hour-glass shaped body figure


Some of her haters try to pull her down with false things about her. However, she doesn’t let that negativity impede her career. She manages it with positivity and composure. Moreover, she doesn’t involve herself in any such circumstances that could create a  negative reputation for her., However, rumors regarding her relationship appear here and there which are not significant and are unconfirmed.


  • Addison Rae was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, United States (Addison Rae’s age is 19 years old, as of 2019).
  • Addison celebrates her birthday on the 6th of October and her zodiac symbol is Libra.
  • Rae regularly uploads photos with her on her Instagram account @addisonrae.
  • Furthermore, she featured her mom and dad on a TikTok lip-sync video.
  • They performed on the song “Money in the Grave” in November 2019.
  • Addison is a beach person and frequently uploads photos in bikinis on the various beaches.
  • She is also a proficient gymnast and dancer.
  • Addison Rae Easterling loves traveling
  • She works out 5 days a week and eats healthy food.
  • She weighs around 121 lbs (55 kg) with a curvy body physique.
  • How tall: Addison Rae has 168 cm of height which is equal to 5 ft 6 in.

 Addison Rae’s SOCIAL MEDIA

PlatformFollowers (As of January 2020)
FacebookNot created
Twitter3 million   
Instagram2.9 million
YouTubeNot created

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